Tomahawk, WI 8/26/2013 (BasicsMedia) – General Electric Company (NYSE:GE) specializes in providing financial services as well as diversified technology services.  The products which this company makes range from in aircraft engines, to household appliances, to equipment used in water processing, to tools used in power generation as well. Both business and consumer financial services are also undertaken by GE, in addition to a multitude of industrial products.  Its operations are located in more than 100 companies spread all over the world. Some of its products indicate a company with firm focus on what the future holds for its investors.


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GE’s Ingenious 3-D Printing Machine

General Electric is thinking about introducing equipment which will make 3-D printing a reality. This is a futuristic development which is expected to begin in earnest in 2016. GE plans to use the Morris Technology to improve its additively manufactured products. The company is looking at ways of remaining profitable, with the full realization that this is the only way in which it will be able to offer top notch services to investors, while providing clients with very useful and highly effective modern products. The LEAP engine, on Boeing 737-MAX airplane, is another product it has in the pipeline for the future.

GE Intends to Shake Up The Market

When a company the size of GE undertakes some of these developments, you can expect that the entire industry, where additive manufacturing takes place, will be affected in more than one way. The beauty of it all is that very few companies will be in a position of competing with GE should its projects turn out successful. At the moment, it might seem as if GE is taking in huge expenses, which don’t provide much in the way of assurance as to the viability of these projects. But you need to understand that GE wouldn’t be half the company it is if it failed to predict the way the market is moving and how it will respond.

GE Should Not Be Playing Safe

I don’t think there is any investor out there, who actually thinks that GE should play it safe. While there is need to limit how much of its resources it is willing to put at risk, bearing in mind that this is investors’ money, GE has always proven that it has its eyes firmly fixed on the future. It has gone through periods in its history when it has been forced to adapt or risk losing its market share. It’s reassuring to note that it has now deemed it fit to embark on projects which, if successful, will cement GE’s position as one of the most profitable, and highly attractive companies not only in the U.S, but all over the world.

This is just but one of the ways through which GE is thinking of its performance in the future. There is a lot at stake, and GE must put its resources on such technologies. It’s not only a financial services provider, but it has to demonstrate that it is a market leader in developing technology which is relevant for the modern lifestyle. A piece of equipment which makes 3-D printing possible, in addition to a LEAP engine used in Boeing 737-MAX airplane, will go a long way in boosting General Electric’s sales, profits and make it possible for the company to reward its investors accordingly.

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