Tomahawk, WI 8/11/2013 (Basicsmedia) – Anyone doubting whether Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)  is a major tech player has probably never heard of this company before. Google has diversified its services to an extent where it is coming up with innovative products to satisfy the needs of its ever increasing and demanding customers. In the 1990s and early 2000s, it engaged in a battle with Yahoo to see which one would come out victorious as the preferred search engine worldwide, and won it hands down. Right now, it is in a major battle with Apple to see who will win the tech wars, and emerge as the undisputed king.

Is The GOOG vs Apple Battle Important for Investors?

Google investors have no choice but to pay close attention as to how the GOOG vs Apple battle will pan out. This battle is very crucial since it will probably determine whether their investments in the company are of any significant value or not. The world is never stagnant but keeps moving on at a blistering pace, such that the brands which appear to be ahead of the queue today, will be dinosaurs tomorrow.  If your Google investments are for the long term, you surely cannot afford to ignore how its battle with Apple in the tech front will end.

Perhaps, it is still early days to tell who between Google and Apple will emerge victorious in this battle. GOOG is fighting this next battle using its Android while Apple has chosen to develop iPhone for the same purpose. In addition to the bragging rights which the winner of this battle will have, its investors will be affected as well. The company which emerges tops in this fight, will attract more investors since there will be more opportunities to help it make money. This is probably what the loser will attract as well, though not to the same extent as the winner.


Image shows GOOG revenue drop for the first time in 3 years.

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Why GOOG Must Win This Battle

Google has no option but to ensure that it wins this battle. There is awe with which investors and the public in general holds GOOG but who is to tell what will happen should Apple vanquish it in this battle?  Fortunately for lovers and admirers of Google, the company has never rested in its laurels, but is always on the search for new and innovative products which are assured of helping it cement its place at the front of the queue. I would say that Google stock is safe, for now and probably into the foreseeable future.

It is quite likely that the world is about to see a major shift from use of PCs and desktops and into the new era of smart phones and tablets. Google has to emerge victorious in its battle with Apple to guarantee its place as a major player in the new technological world. Google has prepared itself for this major fight through its decision to purchase Motorola Mobility, for which it parted with close to $12.5 billion. It is acts such as this one which helps to convince shareholders and investors that the company is well positioned and prepared for the future.

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