Tomahawk, WI 11/26/2013 (BasicsMedia) –  When you compare the sales that J.C. Penny Company Inc (NYSE:JCP) reports now, and what it posted a few months ago, you will notice a significant development. It will need a truly pessimistic person to say that the company has failed to report any improvement in terms of sales. JCP’s performance must be put in perspective; the company was struggling, and it may still be in the red, but there is hope, tangible hope now that it can turn its fortunes around. In the past, even when the company appeared boisterous, there was little to show in terms of evidence.

When JCP recently released its third quarter for 2013 revenue results, it was evident that the figures were lower than what it posted in the same period in 2012. Whereas J.C. Penny Company Inc (NYSE:JCP) collected more than $2.78 billion as third quarter revenue this year, this was low compared to the $2.93 billion it reported in the same period last year. However, given the amount of negative publicity that JCP attracted throughout this year, the sales figure was, nonetheless, quite impressive. It also posted wonderful same store sales figures in the October, which grew by slightly less than one per cent.

The company’s CEO, Mike Ullman, says that this level of improvement, though slight and may appear insignificant to some, is a sure sign that they are succeeding in a few things that it is doing right. It has been reported that JCP’s troubles had their genesis in the company’s decision to abandon their loyal and long-standing clients in favor of a new group. Since then, the company has struggled to report any meaningful growth in clients and revenue. If anything, this decision forced JCP down on its knees and at one point, it seemed they would have to close shop.

The improvement in J.C. Penny Company Inc (NYSE:JCP)’s performance can be attributed to the fact that the company saw the folly of its ways in the past, and opted to reconnect with its most loyal customers once again. This has led JCP’s top executives to believe that the company will perform much better in the fourth quarter of 2013, which is already off to a positive start. The company has also put up a number of promotions that have produced the desired results; that of convincing clients to go back to its stores and make purchases. A combination of various efforts has helped JCP.

The decision by J.C. Penny Company Inc (NYSE:JCP) to reinstate Mike Ullman as the company’s CEO, having been relieved of his duties previously and replaced by Ron Johnson, also appears to have produced the desired results. The turnaround can be attributed to the company’s decision to slash prices in all its stores, after failing in the past to achieve the same results when it opted to reduce sales. It also appears as if regular shoppers at JCP’s stores were unhappy with what Ron Johnson, former CEO, tried to introduce and were not comfortable at all. The company’s efforts are laudable.

The company has done very well during the third quarter of 2013. As to whether it has the capacity to maintain similar levels of growth in terms of sales as we move into 2014, that is still in contention. J.C. Penny Company Inc (NYSE:JCP) should use its successes in the third quarter of 2013, however small and insignificant they may seem, to create the foundation for its take off as it moves into the holiday season, and onwards into the new year.

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