Tomahawk, WI 10/08/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is set to launch the first iWatch of its kind in a few weeks. There is a lot of excitement right now in the industry as many wait for the launch of this great product from AAPL. This is a company which has a very rich record in terms of launching products that go on to conquer the world. Thus far, it appears as if iWatch will continue in the trend which has already been set by other products such as iPhone, iPad and Mac. All the indications currently point to the fact that the iWatch is expected to attract millions of users within its first year.

 Independent analysts are saying that the company’s iWatch will attract close to 10 million users within the first year of its production or launching. This is the report coming out after the around 1,000 customers were interviewed in the U.S. alone. The iWatch has already started making waves and attracting a lot of attention from different quarters. If it is anything close to the innovation which AAPL’s products are well known for, then it will help market the company widely. It will also help bring more revenue to the company.

The iWatch is expected to add more users to AAPL products. However, it is not expected to bring in a lot of money, close to what iPhones and iPads have been doing. One of the greatest features with the iWatch, and which may yet translate into its biggest selling point, is the fact that it can connect to iPhones. The market expects the iWatch to enjoy penetration of around 2-4% in its first year. Already, close to 12% of all iPhone owners sampled in the U.S stated that they are willing to invest in the iWatch when it is launched. The rest said they aren’t interested.

 The company is not expected to make a lot of money through the iWatch, which will cost around $350 a piece. There will only be an increase in sales and gross profit by not more than 1%. If the company is unable to make a lot of money through the iWatch, it will benefit in other ways. If there is one area where the company will experience some benefit where the iWatch is concerned, is the fact that it will help popularize AAPL as a seriously innovative company. Since the figures are based on the U.S. sample, I expect the rest of the world to post different results.

The U.S. remains the largest market for AAPL products. However, the international market has also been experiencing a lot of growth lately. While the figures posted here are from the U.S, there is a possibility that the rest of the world could show real interest in this iWatch thus helping to boost sales, revenue and profits for AAPL. The watch is expected to be launched in 2014, and although there are conflicting reports whether it will be definitely priced at $199 or $350, the world waits with bated breath for yet another innovative product from AAPL.

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