Tomahawk, WI 8/08/2013 (Basicsmedia) – It is always a bit hard to tell whether a company has a good or bad future. This is because certain factors can change at a moment’s notice thus changing the outlook or forecast from gloom to optimism, or vice versa. This is the one aspect of Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC). Whenever INTC is mentioned, what people imagine of is a company which is a market leader in the production of microprocessors, as the figure below clearly indicates. This article seeks to provide answers on whether Intel has a good future.


Image shows Intel’s market share in the manufacture of microprocessors.

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What Is Intel Doing to Boost its Performance in Future?

INTC has opted to think of something extra to do in order to increase its possibility of success in future. Companies need to position themselves well for what the future holds, and in order to achieve this goal, it has to come up with innovative products which will make it a worthy performer in an increasingly competitive market. INTC hasn’t been left behind if the decision to release the Haswell chips is anything to go by. The microprocessor industry had eagerly waited for this moment when the company would release the new chips.

INTC seems to have come up with this new product with an intention of getting a share of the market which will mostly serve people using mobile PCs. In several quarters the decision has been met with an almost equal amount of doubt and hope. Those who are in doubt, appear to question whether the new chips will actually improve their experience with desktop usage. On the other hand, people with hope, appear to cite the fact that the company will actually now serve those who love mobility, and don’t want to use anything which will interfere with this goal.

INTC has a future, as long as it produces new products which help to meet customer needs in terms of fresh possibilities in the world of computing. The world is on the verge of entering into a new era where computing will be nothing like what we have been used to in the past years. It is easier for people to call this new product from Intel Corporation as being nothing more than hype. However, ii truth, the new product is one which has great potential. It will actually produce results which will hopefully continue giving it a platform in this industry as a market leader.

What Does this Mean for INTC?

INTC’s major competitor in this field is AMD. Intel has to show that it is able to keep itself in the frontline so that AMD doesn’t catch up with it anytime soon. There is some fear of the possibility that AMD, or another microprocessor manufacturer, will emerge to give INTC a major fight, quite unlike anything it has ever experienced in the past. This is the challenge that INTC is faced with and it must demonstrate that it has the capacity and ability to do a much better job and retain its position as a market leader.

If INTC doesn’t work harder to cement its position as the best in the industry, it will be forced to go through a period of uncertainty which will lead to a drop in its financial results, thus messing up with investor confidence.

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