Tomahawk, WI 04/11/2014 (Basicsmedia) – Pelephone Communications Ltd., one of Israel’s leading telecommunications providers with 2.6 million subscribers, has looked to International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE:IBM), for help with their overstressed storage systems. The problems lie with the lack of order, flexibility and ease of usage in their present frames, which IBM will help fix with their frames.

The issue

Pelephone, so far, has been relying on an aging EMC solution, which comprised of two Symmetrix DMX systems and one Symmetric VMAX system, i.e. 16 frames in total. The company was beginning to be concerned regarding the scalability, central management and rising energy consumptions giving way to higher costs. In fact, all of this has been happening as the company faces increasing competition from their rivals in the field.

Like many other countries, the telecom market in Israel has many cross industry vendors offering mixed solutions of fixed line, Internet, mobile, and other such services. Therefore, companies must always be in their toes and create innovative products to meet the needs of a demanding market.

Aharon Huberman, head of IT division at Pelephone said that with an increase in competition, the company had to offer better services to their customers and at the same time try and reduce costs. Therefore, International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE:IBM) needed a better infrastructure that would be good for managing, storing and serving its increasing data volumes.

IBM XIV replaces EMC units

After a proper competitive review, International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE:IBM) chose to replace its entire EMC unit with just three IBM XIV storage systems. This move will see Pelephone make savings of $1.5 billion in three years. Huberman also noted that the IBM XIV was chosen for its amazing speed and that it would be possible to move their entire storage, along with testing and moving, in just eight weeks time.

The migration from EMC to IBM XIV included the transfer of 1PB of data from around 3,000 EMC disk drives to 504 high volumes XIV drives.

In addition to better performance, this move will also help Pelephone lower its energy consumption by 50kW per hour. These newer technologies will help the company save thousands on power and cooling alone.

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