Tomahawk, WI 07/14/2014 (Basicsmedia)  Oi SA (ADR) (NYSE:OIBR) has fallen dejectedly and risen over the past few days – all owing to rising tensions, fluttering doubts and questions in numbers.

The Troubled SPGS SA

The government of Brazil is of the opinion that the merger of Portugal Telecom company SPGS SA with Grupo Oi SA is not at all of surmounting risks. The official sources who borne direct and effective sources of information retorted on Friday, July 11, 2014 that there are causes of tensions as the Portugal Telecom company is said to have faced debt deals off late troubled by its partner Banco Espirito Santo SA.

The Talked About Deal

Oi SA (ADR) (NYSE:OIBR) is the fourth largest carrier of telecommunication  that controls Brazil’s way of life and telecom outreach. The upcoming merger is duly sponsored by the Brazilian bank that caters to development functionalities – duly lashed out at the Portugal Telecom, with an onus on the company for disclosing a debt investment in Rioforte, when there was ample proposals for $1.22 billion investment in the Rioforte firm – controlled by Banco Espirito Santo, the largest stakeholder.

Financial Irregularities

There has been disclosures about sumptuous financial irregularities occurring at the disposal of the family held business holding companies. The truth is now ostensible and out of the bag – the Portugal telecom company played a pivotal role in destabilizing a myriad of losses at the bank.

It is understandable that the government of choosing to handle the situation from afar! There are instances wherein the officials were disbursed with duties by the associated regulatory agencies; the latter opted not to be identified, since this issue is quite sensitive – especially pertaining to its veracity!


Sources are of the opinion that the situation would only better, and would never reach a low point, so that the deal isn’t sunk, midway! The President of BNDES however sounded pragmatic and vituperative; he stated that it’s the fiduciary duty of BNDES to preserve the myriad interests of the associated Oi SA (ADR) (NYSE:OIBR) shareholders. Hence, he promised to bicker between minority and a number of controlling shareholders.

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