Tomahawk, WI 02/04/2014 (BasicsMedia) –Accelrys Inc (NASDAQ:ACCL) has lately been on the news with reports suggesting that it is the subject of a bid from Dassault Systemes. The bid will probably see ACCL being placed under new management should the board and shareholders accept the fee of $750 million that the French company, Dassault Systemes has placed for the San Diego scientific software firm. This deal, should it be accepted, will see the French firm pay the full amount in cash. Anyone who has not followed news regarding ACCL will be taken aback by the suggestion that it is up for sale.

Dassault is also a well-known software maker, focusing mostly on 3D Software. This French firm intends to make a bid that values each Accelrys Inc (NASDAQ:ACCL) share at $12.50, which is 28 percent higher than the current value of the stock. Dassault hopes to be successful as it bids for ACCL’s outstanding shares. Dassault’s interest in ACCL is founded on its firm belief that with this new deal, it will gain a much firmer stronghold on the chemical as well as materials and biology sectors. It believes that ACCL’s connections and expertise will help it to achieve this goal.

The deal between Dassault and Accelrys Inc (NASDAQ:ACCL) is one that brings together two companies with similarities. It is worth noting that the two firms, although based in two different countries and operating under unique economic environment, have a similar passion towards creating or enhancing scientific innovation. As things stand, the deal is as good as done and dusted, bearing in mind that the board of Accelrys has no problem, and has approved the bid from Dassault. The unanimous approval by ACCL board will not make the deal happen any quicker than expected.

The deal will take effect from the second quarter of 2014. However, it is the subject of tendering done for the majority of Accelrys Inc (NASDAQ:ACCL)’s shares. Dassault is currently the employer of close to 11,000 individuals, and recently announced that it had collected revenue of up to $671 million. This compares favorably to the $40.9 million that ACCL collected as revenue during the same third quarter as Dassault. Investors will have to wait until next month to find out how the company performed during the fourth quarter of 2014.

Accelrys Inc (NASDAQ:ACCL) has close to 200 PhD scientists that it has employed. Whether the deal between ACCL and Dassault will see the latter taking the former’s employees and keeping them in employment, is yet unclear. During the negotiations between the two scientific software makers, Morgan Stanley advised ACCL while Foros advised Dassault. Legal advisers acting on behalf of Dassault during the negotiations were Cravath, Swaine and Moore. On the other hand, the legal advisers that represented ACCL were Paul Hastings.

The two companies will announce if the new venture will bear a new name, or it will retain the name it has been operating under all along. The fact that Accelrys Inc (NASDAQ:ACCL) has not been doing as well as it should have, may also have contributed to the decision by its board to accent to this bid from Dassault.

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