Tomahawk, WI 9/18/2013 (BasicsMedia) –  Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has more or less the same market capitalization with two of its major competitors, namely, Oracle and SAP AG. If you are already looking for a software company with the best stock to invest in for 2014, you would need to take a closer look at these three. Our focus in writing this article is to take a deeper look at MSFT and determine whether it is still attractive to investors both in 2013 and going forward. A number of issues have to be looked at in order to ensure that the stock is adequately examined and best info provided.

Has MSFT Surpassed AAPL as The Software Stock of Choice?

There are concerns from a number of Wall Street analysts as to whether MSFT has surpassed Apple as the stock of choice for 2013 and going forward. While in the last five years Apple may have seen its revenues increase by a staggering 35% since everything it produces seems to be exactly what the market was looking for, MSFT hasn’t enjoyed similar levels of success. The net income of Apple has massively increased by as much as 60% annually in the past five years as well. Five years ago, Apple shares cost around $65, compared to today’s rate of $351.88.

MSFT’s Growth Levels Are Lower Than Apple’s

MSFT hasn’t achieved similar levels of growth as Apple. Earnings have seen an improvement of around 9% every year, which isn’t such a bad thing. However, where MSFT beats Apple and other similar companies operating in the technology sector is that it offers inherent protection you can’t get with the other stocks. How? The stock already enjoys a rock-bottom valuation which is good news for anyone looking for the kind of deal which will not lose money or be a major drain on his finances. Apple might be a bargain, but MSFT is a better stock in this regard.

MSFT Stock is Much Cheaper than Apple

MSFT is a stock which continues to perform remarkably well on most fronts. It has an enterprise value of around $23per share. Regardless of your point of view, this enterprise value is among the cheapest you will ever get when talking of a company the size of Microsoft Corporation. Companies such as Apple have enjoyed much better success in the last few years compared to MSFT, and the popular thing to do would be to rally behind it and say that it will continue on the same path for the foreseeable future. However, this is a difficult thing to even try predicting.

Market’s Low Expectations of MSFT Is a Gift

The market already has low expectations on MSFT, and this is good news for the stock and shareholders alike. These low expectations which the market already has with regard to MSFT make it attractive since it is more likely to pull a few pleasant surprises as opposed to being a disappointment. As an investor, I would rather go with a company whose stock has low expectations and not one which the market expects a lot from. The latter is likely to disappoint me and leave me dejected as opposed to the former which may leave me richer and happier.

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