Tomahawk, WI 7/30/2013 (Basicsmedia) – Investors everywhere are often left to ask themselves whether they really need to shift their attention elsewhere or stay with their current portfolios, and this is the case with, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN)as well. Is there any possibility that a company which is creating employment opportunities for thousands of people, 5,000 to be exact, would be a bad investment? Well, let’s take a look at the finer details and see whether there is cause for optimism or not.

What Does AMZN Shares tell Us About the Company?

As recently as July 26, 2013 AMZN announced that it had set a record in terms of its shares. It seems a bit interesting that internationally, the company appears to be struggling financially compared to its performance within the U.S. The second quarter of the current financial year, appears to indicate that there has been a net loss, and that internationally, the growth has been much weaker than it had been anticipated at the beginning of the year. Its expansion within the domestic environment performed quite well and the profits also improved from what had been observed in the past.

Currently, I’d say that AMZN is one of the stock’s to watch. This is because it has a very good future and the Internet retail business which it offers, has a very solid base right now which gives it a very good platform with which to shoot nowhere else but upwards. Industry analysts are of the opinion that AMZN has highly valued stocks and the company itself is quite profitable. There have been murmurs regarding whether the company is being overvalued, and that if this is the case, what should be done in order to give investors, both prospective and existing, the right picture regarding AMZN and its stocks.


The figure shows the growth of AMZN in terms of stock performance within a very short span of time. Chart courtesy of

What Do the Latest AMZN Figures Indicate?

Looking at the latest AMZN figures and numbers, which were released on July 26, 2013 one clearly sees that the sales within the North American region jumped by an impressive 30% to settle at around $9.5b. In the same region, the operating profits managed to jump and reach an impressive$409m which was a huge improvement from last year’s figure of around $344. On the same day, the stock of AMZN managed to reach a record high of around $313.62 earlier in the day, before eventually settling at $311.70 last Friday, which was in itself a rise of more than 2.7%, a very impressive figure.

When you take into account the fact that AMZN has to fight on many fronts against other competitors, then you begin to appreciate that this is quite remarkable for a company of its stature. Since AMZN offers services to shoppers, it has invested in consumables and apparels and these appear to be attracting a large pool of new clients going by the latest figures. Moreover, this growth is fuelled by the fact that Amazon Prime, a subsidiary of this company and which has been offering free two-day shipping to clients at a cost of around $79 has also been on a positive growth in the recent times.

If there is a single part of the company which can be credited with the large percentage of growth enjoyed by AMZN, then that has to be Amazon Web Services. AMZN may not have issued details on how much it obtained as revenues and profits from AWS, but seeing that this is often listed under the category labeled other, which enjoyed a huge increase in revenues by 61% to reach to an impressive figure of more than $890m, one can only deduce that it played a very significant role in the upturn of AMZN’s fortunes. Therefore, I can confidently advice investors in AMZN stock to look to the future with great optimism.

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