Tomahawk, WI 7/29/2013 (Basicsmedia) – Whenever any new development takes place in a company of international repute such as Time Warner Cable Inc (NYSE:TWC), investors may exhibit confidence in the impending change, or start looking for a way out. This article offers expert input and advice to investors in TWC, even with the news that come January 1, 2014 there will be a new person in charge as the CEO and Chairman, as replacement for Glenn Britt. The new chairman and CEO will be one Robert Marcus, who currently serves as the company’s COO and president. TWC have opted to appoint from within, rather than look outside. Is this good or bad news for investors?

Has TWC Issued Its Quarterly Dividends?

As I stated in the introduction, TWC is expected to have a new chairman and CEO in Jan 1, 2013. But the big question is whether this will affect its quarterly dividend or not. Investors are interested mostly on the bottom line as well as what the future holds for any company and TWC is not any different from the others. Most investors of TWC own common stock, and the company has said that the current quarterly rates of around $0.65 will be earned per share of common stock. This is the same amount which TWC has steadfastly paid to its shareholders since February, 2013 and seeks to continue with the same.

The dividend has risen from September 2013, when it was at a low of $0.56 for every share held. This should be a source of great joy to investors of TWC, since a number of companies may have not been able to raise their dividends within the same period. This is cause for optimism to all people who hold shares with TWC. It shows that if things were to remain the same, and there wasn’t something major in the industry, or with the U.S economy, then there is enough reason why investors would need to look at the future with renewed optimism, fully believing that they will get even better dividends.


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Are There Any Mergers Between TWC and Other Companies in the Offing?

One story that constantly helps people to gain a better understanding regarding where their investments are headed, is any talk of mergers and acquisitions. It had been reported for quite some time that TWC was no the verge of merging with Hulu LLC, which is a video streaming site. The discussions between the two companies kicked off in early July 2013, but they now appear to have been called off when it was noted that they can’t agree on the right price, at least according to Hulu LLC. It remains to be seen whether the two will come back to the negotiating table. It could also be that the deal has collapsed.

If TWC had succeeded in getting the 25$ shareholding of Hulu LLC, as it was intending to, it would have been in competition with Netflix in provision of online video streaming services. Other firms which TWC was in competition with for this stake of Hulu LLC included AT&T, through Peter Chernin, and Direct TV (DTV). TWC currently serves over 12 million video customers and had hoped to use Hulu LLC to market its services and gain a better foothold in this market, to help push its place as the second largest cable system in the U.S.

What is The Outlook for Investors?

TWC has consolidated its place as the second largest cable system in the U.S. This is not likely to be affected any time soon, thus presenting a more stable proposition for investors. Therefore, the dividend, which currently stands at $0.65 per share, is likely to stay at the same level or see a significant increase in the foreseeable future. I’d strongly advise anyone interested in investing in TWC, to do so without fear since the outlook is quite positive from where I’m standing.

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