Tomahawk, WI 12/19/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Those who use the Internet know that Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) is trailing Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) in terms of subscribers and revenue. But TWTR has something that is increasingly defining it as the most important social network platform. The platform is where the world’s most powerful and somehow important people “tweet” their thoughts or even run their organizations.

During political campaigns, savvy politicians have relied on Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) to connect with their supporters. President Barrack Obama did it in 2008 and again in 2012. Billionaire investors across the world tweet their investment positions and discuss their views of the economy on TWTR. Even celebrities are not left behind in harnessing the power of tweeter to connect with their audience and fans.

It seems the wealthy, the powerful and the admired people who are also the most important people in the society find TWTR a handy social platform. This means that while Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) may not be the riches or the most popular social networking platform, it is easily the most important going by the people having accounts there.

Can this “importance” be converted to value for investors? This is the question the company’s management should be asking itself.

Big numbers

Commanding big numbers in the social network space is the name of the business. Facebook is raking in billions of dollars annually from ads and Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) could also capture this opportunity by selling its power to advertisers. Sometimes it is never the big number that carries the day, but the quality of the number. The pool of celebrities and politicians on TWTR makes the platform a fertile ground to capture a niche mass.

Since listing on New York Stock Exchange, TWTR is rising in popularity and the platform is also adjusting to appeal to more users. It has recently added a feature that allows users to see tweet by their neighbors. The company is also improving its news feed offering as well as testing video content streaming.

Niche social platform

Looking at the popularity of Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) among politicians, successful businessmen and celebrities in all industries, the platform could easily carve out a niche as the place where everyday people connect with the movers and shakers of the society. This will be very important for the company towards attracting well-paying advertisers.

Winning more businesses advertising luxury items will significantly boost the company’s revenue. The best industry for such big ad sales include automakers especially high-end manufacturers like Tesla Motor Company (NASDAQ:TSLA) which sells battery-powered cars. However, winning this pool of high-paying advertisers will have to be earned.

The company must prove the quality of its data, prove its luxury status and bring in more high-paying businesses. This approach could also help the company bring improvement to its books sooner than can be expected.

Moreover, distinguishing itself as a prestigious networking platform will help Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) to avoid the offensive charge of rival Facebook. Acquiring the distinction as the most important social network may not end in TWTR winning more users, but it will be able to have quality numbers that advertisers can pay for.

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