Tomahawk, WI 9/06/2013 (BasicsMedia) – With world economies trying to pick up from the hard felt economic recession, it seems there is some positive news coming out of Ford Auto Company (NYSE:F). Ford is enjoying some of its best times since 2006 as it is currently enjoying increased sales in retails of an astonishing 20% in the US. This is a total 12% increase for the best monthly retail performance. Ford bested its previous year results in just less than 5 months of 2013 driven by its new driven line of electrified vehicles.

 Inventories are currently tight lipped in several key sectors of the economy but it seems Ford is not feeling this pinch. Ford car sales were able to rise by 15% utilities 16%; trucks were also up at 30%. Ford Auto is experiencing the best time ever after recession and continues to see strong growth in the coastal regions. Consumers are currently replacing their older cars at a higher rate by taking advantage of the available credit. The credit industry is at a boom with long term loans available at feasible interest rates and terms

 Ford vice president Ken Czubay expressed the need for consistent growth by essentially saying “Producing more Fusions at the flat rock assembly with its 1400 new workers is a welcome opportunity as Fusion showed great strength in august. Fusion experienced its best ever success in august by selling a total of 24,653 cars. The strongest growth of fusion at 63% is consistently being experienced in the western region of the country. Lincoln MKZ sales were up by 10% toppling a total number of 3,652 cars for the best ever car sales in a month.

 Ford overall sales for small cars such as Fiesta, Focus and C-Max hybrids was up by 30%combining a total sales of 30, 148 cars. Fiesta sales increased by 61% the highest in the month of august with C-max coming a second at 44%. For a 25th consecutive monthly increase F-series sales rose up by 22% toppling a total number of 70000 vehicles. Ford CEO overwhelmed by the new results was also quick to note that small cars and hybrids continue to outpace the market in the coastal regions of the US. Ford small cars sales are currently growing at a higher rate three times the rate of the US small ca industry.

Serious news coming out of Ford Auto company indicate that the auto company intends to  build another 785, 000 vehicles  in the fourth quarter a 7% increase translating to 50,000 vehicles from the same  fourth quarter of last year. This is an attempt of trying to increase its sells even further.

The closing price of Ford’s stock was $17.30 gaining 2.31% in the previous session with a volume of 55.98 million shares compared to the average volume of 69.38 billion.

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