Ahead of his make or break fight with Danny Garcia, Amir Khan has disclosed that the last six months have been “the hardest of my career”.

Khan lost his fight with Lamont Peterson under controversial circumstances and had to surrender his WBA and IBF titles in December but had his WBA title restored as Peterson failed a drug test.

“Straight after the fight I was devastated because I’d lost the fight and I was so upset,” said Khan. “Then when I got into the camp I was so happy that I’d got the rematch, because even that was so hard to negotiate – I agreed to whatever they said”.

“He was making his biggest pay-day in that fight. It was a 50-50 split and he was making something like £1m. It’s a lot of money. “He then got caught – he must be kicking himself because even if he’d lost the rematch, he still would have made that sum.

“It’s a lot of money for a guy brought up off the streets. It would have changed his life. But look at me, I’ve got another fight. People kind of thought ‘wait a minute, Amir really did win that fight, because Peterson was on steroids and he was a cheat’.

Khan lost to Lamont Peterson at the back of victories against Zab Judah, Paul McCloskey, Marcos Maidana, Paulie Malignaggi and Dmitriy Salita.

“Even if he’d knocked me out in that fight and then got caught, people would not have respected him for the win. Once you take drugs, you’re a cheat.”

Khan says Justice is done as he faces Garcia Saturday as a title-holder himself.

“I walk into this fight as world champion and the WBC title is on the line but, not only that, the Ring magazine title will be on the line as well,” said Khan.

“Justice has been done. I’ve got the title back that I should never have lost and I’m happy the WBA has done it. I still hope the authorities do change the last fight to a ‘no contest’ because he was cheating in that fight and he admits he took testosterone before that last fight.

“Maybe it should be changed to a no contest and that’s maybe why the WBA has given me the world title back. Let’s just wait and see what happens.”

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