Yes, you heard it right; UK bedrooms designs have been taking inspiration from recent aspiring fashion trends. People those who keep themselves up-to-date with latest trends are keen to modernize the appearance of their home, including bedroom, and bathroom too. Fashion followers are actually looking at designing their own wardrobes.

The interior decorative styles are clear example of how the latest fashion trends have motivated hot décor designs. This year’s styles take inspiration from summer’s statement prints, which have been adopted by many home owners.

Vibrant and bright floral prints are proving to be extremely popular; both floral and geometric prints had been shown at various catwalk shows 2012, alongside pretty clashing colors and patterns. It’s not only limited to the ramps, but they have made their way into the high street and set the new, yet different trend in the world of interior design.

Whether it is intricately comprehensive woodwork or wallpaper painted in a contrasting color to the walls, owners are adopting this style in order to make their home look different and chick, with the latest and hot print designs.

We’ve already seen color blocking at Tommy Hilfiger and Marc Jacobs shows, but this year, homeowners are painting their inner rooms in 2 contrasting colors. The clashing bold prints highlighted at the Derek Lam and Cynthia Rowley shows motivated many designers and now you’ll get to see eye-catching cushions that add both color and personality into your room.

Tangerine and orange are also chosen by many homemakers this year; if you aren’t really interested painting an entire room in bright color, then you can go with retro style, like orange photo frame or vase instead.

Pink, often considered as favourite color of young girl’s room, has become popular shade among others. Pastel pink shade was last seen at Jenni Kayne show and is very easy to use it in a bedroom – indeed, even in guys’ bedroom – we mean it!

Fashion fans are letting their personality shine by following the latest trends, rather than merely with their choice of furniture and other accessories required especially for bedroom. You can now choose from nostalgically themed beds, to ornate metal bed frames that give a romantic feel. Moreover, they look absolutely stunning when paired with chandeliers and candelabras, which are the pick of the lot now.

Adding a boldly patterned cushion or floral print is one of the simplest ways to combine your personality with a classic, yet retro theme or style, according to this year’s fashion trends.

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