Tomahawk, WI 08/13/2014 (Basicsmedia) – Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. (USA) (NYSE:LGF) finds itself in a tricky situation after the leaking of its blockbuster movie ‘The expendables 3’ which is reported to have been viewed by almost 2 million people before its official release. The company has already won a court order intended to block websites from distributing the allegedly stolen copy with the company’s Vice Chairman, Michael Burns, in an interview on CNBC stating that investigations are already under way to try and see who leaked the movie.

This is not the first time that a similar incidence has happened; the same happened to the likes of Taken and Wolverine. Burns remains optimistic that ‘The Expendables 3’ will perform better despite the unfortunate incident. The movie is to be released officially on Friday August 15.

“We don’t know how it exactly happened yet, but we will get to the bottom of it, it’s happen before in the industry, unfortunately, it happened with Taken and it happened with Wolverine and those movies did okay, so we feel very good about the movie. It comes out on Friday to be seen on the big screen,” said Mr. Burns.

 It is still not clear as to whether Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. (USA) (NYSE:LGF) new version of the expendables will attain the huge success attained by its two predecessors that generated more than $575 million at the Box Office. Concerns are already being raised about ticket sales on theaters where the movie was to debut considering more than two million people might have seen the movie.

Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. (USA) (NYSE:LGF) vice chairman has already thwarted the total number of people who could have watched the movie maintaining the number could be lower than thought.

“Well, around the world and it is two million downloads so maybe it is 500,000 people that have watched it four times each. It’s hard to know for sure, we feel like yes it might affect the Box office but yet again it has happened before, and we are going to pursue this guy’s that sold the movie,” said Mr. Burns.

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