Tomahawk, WI 10/02/2013 (BasicsMedia) – The provision of security and aerospace services at a global scale, is what Lockheed Martin Corporation (NYSE:LMT) has become very good at. It is a researcher, designer, manufacturer, developer and integrator as well as sustainer of technology systems and products which are used in both the security and aerospace industries worldwide. Some of the companies it competes with in these industries include The Boeing Company, General Dynamics, Ratheon Company and Thales SA among others. It has a market cap of around $40.94 billion making it a large player.

 LMT Is The World’s 92nd Largest Company

 LMT has just recently been listed as one of the large companies in the world. It is currently ranked the 92nd largest company in the entire universe, and one factor which has been used to determine this is its more than $40.94 billion market cap. It has now taken the position which used to be occupied by Hewlett Packard. HP has been struggling in terms of sales, revenue and profitability as a result of the dwindling demand for PCs which it relies on a lot. The market cap of LMT is one important element which investors need to be aware of.

 Comparing different stocks purely based on market capitalization is a more effective way than using any other yardstick. This offers a true reflection as to the true value or worth of any given stock. The fact that this is what was used to determine LMT’s position in the top 1010 largest global companies is a true reflection of how valuable this stock is. Its products and services which are designed for the two industries listed above, that is, securities and aerospace, are still in great demand thus giving the company the chance of increasing going higher up this list.

 LMT is going through a lot of changes in its structure. It is set to enter a new period under the leadership of Lt Gen Charles Bouchard, who has been appointed to sit at the helm of its branch in Canada. LMT has been able to achieve a lot due to its policy of appointing very string leaders to run its activities, and with the recent appointments, it sets to continue in this tested and proven path. It also loves strong leaders with real time experience in the fields of securities or aerospace as proven by the appointment of a retired Lieutenant General to head its Canadian operations.

 Things Are Not Going Well For LMT

 However, not everything is going on well for LMT. The decision by the U.S. government to cut its spending on the military equipment has seen the fortunes of companies such as LMT and Boeing suffers a bit. The suffering could have been on a much larger scale if the international market had not made up for the losses which LMT and Boeing have suffered as a result of reduction on military spending by the U.S government. It has even gone ahead to make a few acquisitions to bolster its revenue and sales so that the company’s finances don’t suffer.

The acquisitions which LMT has made in the past year or so are strategic and I fully support them since they increase the company’s competitive edge a great deal.

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