olemissTomahawk, WI 3/21/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Watching the NCAA tournament officially start today and March Madness hit the ground running with some great early round games, I began to reminisce (cannot believe I spelled that one right on the first try) about my first job after college at Knobias in Jackson, Mississippi.

Talking to my business partner this morning, which is where we met back in 2005 right after mom passed away, I told him March Madness was the best part of the year while working at Knobias, and I actually enjoyed getting to work at 4 am during earnings season to get all my work done before camping out at Buffalo Wild Wings (NASDAQ: BWLD) promptly at 3:01 pm (one minute after the stock market closes) for some spicy garlic wings and 23 ounce Miller Lites…

Epic office brackets and high quality trash talking between colleagues helped fuel the fire of March Madness for me and there was never a better venue to get my fill of competitive basketball than through those double doors on Lake Harbor Drive in Ridgeland, Mississippi.

Three big companies that have really capitalized on March Madness are, obviously, CBS Corporation (NYSE: CBS); Yahoo! (NASDAQ: YHOO); and The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS), who owns ESPN, with creative marketing and advertising, but in my opinion, the biggest influencing factor for the popularity growth was the rule change after Lebron James turned pro right out of high school that required high school players to attend college at least one year (I think it should be 2 years)…

Now, a personal bonus to me (pretty ironic too), is that my hometown Ole Miss Rebels (or black bears to be PC) are playing my home-state Wisconsin Badgers in the first round tomorrow morning at 11:40 am (central) in Kansas City, Missouri. Even though I graduated from Millsaps College (Division III), both mom and sis graduated from Ole Miss so, I’ve got some skin in the game and will be sporting red, white and blue all day tomorrow.

Unfortunately, I will not be in attendance tomorrow, but the Flautt clan will be well represented tomorrow in KC by Catfish and Clansey. Hotty Toddy!!!


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