Vanessa Bryant surely would have learnt it firsthand now that you must be careful what you said to the media. Vanessa wife of Basketball star Kobe Bryant recently gave an interview and some of her comments in those have spurred reactions painting her as a gold digger. She has quickly moved to retract those misconceptions.

“I certainly would not want to be married to somebody that can’t win championships,” she said in the interview that chronicled the lives of some basket ball wives. “If you’re sacrificing time away from my family and myself for the benefit of winning championships, then winning a championship should happen every single year.” She went on to say.

Now those paint her as saying she would never marry anyone who can’t foot the bills of her expensive clothes and outlook as well as cruises. One column reported that as her saying; “Only Champions can get in my pants”. Vanessa has now quickly moved to refute such thoughts and claims. Now she says she would marry Kobe even if he were a loser.

“I’m sad to hear that comments in my New York Magazine interview are being misconstrued and taken out of context. I have and will continue to support my husband’s dreams.” Vanessa continues, “I have been with Kobe for 13 years. I accepted his marriage proposal PRIOR to him winning any of his 5 championships with his teammates. For anyone to think otherwise is wrong. It is not about being married to a ‘winner’ it is about our sacrifice as a family. “

Although Vanessa filed for divorce about nine months ago after a ten year marriage, it appears the divorce matter has been shoved under the carpet. It was speculated she would end up with an estimated $150 million; half of the basketball star’s fortune. She admits the relationship is on the mend; “yes. We’re working on things.” She admits.

Kobe and Vanessa got engaged in May 2000 a month before he won his first Championship. Having gone ahead to win five in all now, it appears she is his lucky charm.

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