Tomahawk, WI 05/30/2014 (Basicsmedia) – Masco Corporation (NYSE:MAS) recently announced its financial estimate of the first quarter; MAS has continued to tread on its pursuit of acquiring enhanced sales in the last quarter. All the top drawn segments performed phenomenally well, contributing significantly to foster bee line growth; however, the driving force in the impactful growth must, by and large be attributed to the voluminous sales of the plumbing products! As the European economy has etched its recovery, consequentially, the installation and allied services and sales of myriad products increased multiple folds across the European countries.

Q1 Highlights

The key highlights of Q1-2014 can be summed as the sustained increase in holistic sales by a moderate 5%, amounting to $2 billion, approximately, amelioration in the sales through North American countries by 3% and surging up of adjusted operating profits by 12%! Certainly, North American sales have been hit unprecedentedly, owing to the weather during the winters that was not congenial to vapid activities outdoors!

Financial Estimates

Indeed, the net sales increased to $2 billion in Q1-2014, in comparison to $1.9 billion in Q1-2013 – certainly not voluminously significant, particularly owing to a persistently hostile climate! International sales increased by 12% in terms of US Dollars and 7% in accordance to the local currency; North American sales soared up by a meager 3%.

Gross profit margins improved from 27.4% in Q1-2013 to 28.0% in Q1-2014. Operating margins rose from 7.5% to 8%, year over year.  From the continuing operational activities, Masco Corporation (NYSE:MAS) notched up incomes worth $0.21/common share, in contrast to $0.15/common share, YoY! Net liquidity with the company at the end of Q1-2014 was around $1.2 billion!

Plumbing Segments Maintained A Lead In Sales Throughout Q1

The best achiever in the race has been the plumbing products, as their sales increased emphatically by 5%, fueled by local and international channel sales. Decorative architectural products garnered only 2% increase in profits. Offset by insignificant sales to retailers, MAS witnessed an increase in the sales of cabinets and associated products, by lesser than a mid-single digit! Window businesses across the UK and North America ensured net-increase in sales of specialty products by 13%!

Dividends Surge Up 20%

On May 15, 2014, Masco Corporation (NYSE:MAS) conjectured that the company is deemed to pay dividends to the shareholders at $0.090/share per quarter! Dividends soared up by 20% from $0.075/share, hinting at the company’s solid cash flow, confident and positive long term outlook and immense conviction to outperform myriad negative notions and estimates!

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