The new Chief Executive of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer’s payment package could sum up to nearly more than $70 million in pay, bonuses, limited stock, and stock options over next 5 years, as per the recent regulatory filing completed by the firm.

Mayer’s new salary package could be divided into nearly $1 million in yearly salary, as high as $2 million in a yearly bonus, and around $42 million in stock choices and other awards, and nearly $14 million in restricted options for forfeit of payment from Google Inc.

Additionally, by including certain stock allowances, Mayer could get nearly up to $20 million extra a year, or up to $100 million over next 5 years, as informed by one of the Yahoo Spokespersons. As the very first female engineer, and also one of its earliest employees at Google, Mayer’s net value is previously predicted to be as high as nearly $300 million.

Yahoo’s acquisition of Mayer as the next CEO from Google has really caught investors and analysts by surprise. Mayer edged out supposed head and temporary CEO Ross Levinsohn to turn out to be the company’s 3rd CEO within a year. Many leading industry observers strongly believe Mayer’s choice over Ross Levinsohn is a clear indication that the organization is now likely to renovate its emphasis on Web technology and company products instead of strengthening online content.

Her selection caps a boisterous year at the firm. During May, Scott Thompson left as CEO after not more than six months in the position due to a dispute over his academic qualifications. Thompson substituted the debatable Carol Bartz, who was sacked in 2011 September after failing to revive the company.

Thompson’s total payment at that point was valued at nearly $27 million. He obtained no compensation but was able to maintain $7 million in return he received for departing PayPal. Bartz acquired nearly more than $10 million in redundancy pay when she was sacked during last year.

A self-described nerd with a CS (Computer Science) master degree from StanfordUniversity, Mayer started working as CEO on July 17th 2012, which is in fact the same day, the company declared poor financial results, with absolute flat net earnings, and a slight decline in 2nd quarter income.

Even though, she was present in the company’s Sprawling Sunnyvale Campus, she did not take part in its profits call. Even, Ross Levinsohn didn’t attend the call, and it was headed by the company’s Chief Financial Officer, Tim Morse.

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