Tomahawk, WI 9/12/2013 (BasicsMedia) –  McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD) same store sales hit a high time high, increasing by 1.9% in August, this is sure to be good news for its long-term stability. This is in contrast to what Wall Street analysts had expected of the largest – food chain. Wall Street analyst had only predicted an increase of 0.3%.  Amid the global world economies at this time, an increase in sales of such amount is usually not expected as many people tend to divert their income to other resourceful ventures other than visiting fancy restaurants.

The increase in sales is attributed to McDonald’s introducing and expanding its dollar menu to include more expensive items which boosts its sales. McDonalds has also been working tirelessly to introduce value menus in countries that don’t have. Same store sales in Europe enjoyed an increase in sales of 3.3% attributed to the success of the new blended-ice beverages in the United Kingdom. Premium food sales and events in Russia and UK also contributed a good chunk of the sales. Analyst expects the sales to increase even further as we enter the festive periods of Christmas. This is usually the best time in any business that engages in fast foods as families tend to spend a lot on dinners and other fan activities.

 Amid the challenging operating environment in the US, McDonalds still experienced an increase in sales of 0.2% holding its grip as the number one fast food chain distributor. McDonald’s aims to improve even further the sales in the U.S. by introducing new products and offerings. MCD president and CEO exhumed confidence that the company is in line to achieve greater success in increase in sales by saying “Ensuring that each of our strategies resonates with our customers is the key to our performance — today and for the long-term”. The CEO also exhumed confidence that McDonald’s fundamental strength will remain strong for the longest time possible as they continue to serve some of the best delicacies.

 Analysts on the other hand are unclear whether the increase in sales in Europe can maintain this consistency over the few coming months. Andy Barish an analyst with Jefferies was quick to note that “Macro uncertainty and austerity measures continue to show signs of creeping in”. This is based on the fact that McDonalds comparable store sales are consistently declining. It is believed that McDonald is planning to introduce menus aimed at boosting their sales even further.

The Asia /Pacific, Middle East and Africa did not also post good news; instead a decrease in sales of 0.5% should keep the top management at McDonalds worried. Japan, China and Australia also posted negative sales worth even more worries. The increase in sales in Europe is a clear indication that the world economy is slowly but s picking up which is good news to want to be investors in fast foods businesses.

McDonalds closed the market at a stagnant price per share of $96.89.

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