How can I contribute to BasicsMedia?

Any article that has been published on BasicsMedia will be tagged as a “Premium Article”. Contributors will earn $4 (INR 200) for every 500 page views for submitted and approved articles that will be published solely on BasicsMedia. You can register as a contributor by clicking here.

Can my BasicsMedia article be used elsewhere?

No, any article that has been published on BasicsMedia will be termed as an Exclusive one. You can neither re-publish nor sell an exclusive article to anyone.

Can I post a section of the Premium article to a blog?

It is permissible to post excerpts and headlines (upto250 words) to your website or blog. However, these excerpts should not exceed 1/3rd the length of the total article. This is just a snippet or a summary and no images or charts may be included in it. If the excerpts exceed the permissible limit, it will lead to disqualification from the Premium Partnership Program.

Can I submit just the number of Premium articles I want or is it all-or nothing?

Premium submissions are considered individually. Before each submission, you are asked whether the article is an original one. With the Premium Partnership Program, there is no long-term binding and you have the flexibility to submit the number of articles you choose.

How can I join the BasicsMedia Premium Program (BPP)?

The process is simple. All you have to do is register as a contributor on BasicsMedia for the BasicsMedia Premium Program (BPP). Once your articles have been published, the number of page views decides what you get awarded.

If I submit an article under the Premium category, is that a guarantee that your editors will select it?

No, every article will be run through a review and selection process by our editors. This ensures that the submission is relevant to our readers (some of them can be quite finicky). If your submission has been rejected, we will send you a notification via our Contributor Section as well as by email. If it is relevant, our editors may send you feedback as well. If your article has been accepted by us and published, the notification is will appear in the Contribution Center and you also receive an email. You can choose to opt-out of the email notification.

Do I need to receive an invitation to become a BasicsMedia Premium Program Partner? Are there any other requirements I have to fulfill?

Yes. Currently, the BasicsMedia Premium Program is in a beta stage and is open only to select people. Thus, you are required to request for an invitation to enable you to write for BasicsMedia.

What exactly is the Contributor Center?

The Contributor Center is the hub via which you can track, monitor as well as manage your articles, pageviews, payments and Blogosphere. You have quick access to tracking anything that is related to your BasicsMedia author-activity.

Payment Questions

What is the method of calculating payments?

You earn $4 (INR 200) per 500 views of your article.

How will I receive my payment?

You will receive payments via PayPal.

How can I keep track of my earnings?

The Contributor Center has the “Earnings Overview” box. It will track and calculate all your earnings.

What is the number of pageviews that I can expect?

The topmost articles elicit thousands of pageviews. Compelling articles can help you earn a considerable amount of income. You can track all your BasicsMedia article views via your Contributor Center. It provides you with a clear view of how the reader engagement has been.

At what frequency do I get paid?

Payments are made on a monthly basis. The minimum payout is $100, which is made within 15 working days of the end of the month. Payments Under $100 will be deferred until $100 or more are accumulated in your account. You are required to complete all your tax and payment information before the month-end, in order to ensure that you receive payment for that particular month.

Are the incentives unchangeable? Can they increase or decrease?

We aspire to see that incentives increase over a period of time and give our contributors the opportunity to earn more money as our partnership takes root and flourishes. If things go downhill, we might have to decrease the ratio. We reserve all rights to alter our incentive plans at any point of time and the same would be informed to contributors via e-mail.