Tomahawk, WI 11/11/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has always relied heavily on PC sales to collect revenue since its creation. It does not make PCs, but its main line of products, such as Windows and Microsoft Office, are used in these computers all over the world. However, with the poor PC sales being reported all over the world, MSFT has seen its revenues fail to meet expectations. For a long time, MSFT was advised to diversify but it seemed reluctant to undergo such massive changes in its business model. Now, the company has embraced diversification.

Tablets and Androids Can Impact MSFT Sales and Revenues

Two products can change MSFT’s fortunes a great deal, and they include Tablets and Androids. Currently, MSFT is not doing badly in terms of Android and tablet sales. The figures are quite impressive, but I believe they can be higher than they are right now. My reason for saying this is that MSFT collects most of its revenue where tablets and Androids are concerned from patents. If MSFT can find ways of earning huge sums of money in revenue from patents and the actual Androids and Tablets, the company’s financial results could change drastically in the near future.

MSFT makes close to $8 on each piece of Android device sold all over the world. This is huge considering that the number of Android devices that will be shipped in 2013 along all over the world, stand at 750 million. Consequently, MSFT will earn a total of $4 billion from the sale of Android devices this year alone. Imagine a situation where the company places just as much emphasis on the sale of Android and tablets and looks for ways of making as much money as is possible, how much revenue will it raise at the end of any fiscal year, or on a quarterly basis?

MSFT’s Surface Tablet Sales Should Pick Up

MSFT already tried its hands in the tablet market, although the results were far from what it expected. Its tablets, christened Surface, have not enjoyed the best of times. These tablets have failed to capture people’s imagination worldwide. Things stand to change now that MSFT has invested in a division of Nokia Corporation charged with producing phones. MSFT can use Nokia’s expertise in this field to develop better Smartphone devices and improve the features in its tablets. If it carries out these tasks successfully, investors can look forward to higher revenue.

MSFT’s outgoing CEO, Steve Ballmer, says that the company can make huge amounts of money from device sales. He adds that the company can increase its revenue by focusing on enterprise services as well. In short, MSFT has great potential in terms of revenue collection. Nothing stands in its way, and the company can move forward into the future with great optimism. There is no reason for investors to get discouraged with MSFT since the company is not adverse to changes and diversification like it was in the past years.

Overall, MSFT is one of the most stable tech stocks you will get in the market today. I believe it has the potential to be the most dominant and highly valued tech stock in the world.

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