Tomahawk, WI 9/30/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) remains the world’s largest firm in terms of making software. It leads other companies in the areas of its total accumulated revenue. The company was established in 1975 and ever since, it has been dependent on strong leadership provided by men who have been at its helm. The two most commonly quoted names every time MSFT is mentioned happen to be Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. A few years ago Gates opted to concentrate more on his charitable organization. Now, Steve Ballmer has left the company.

 MSFT Enters a New Era

 MSFT is entering a new phase in close to the forty years in which it has been in existence. This is probably going to be the first time when neither Ballmer nor Gates will be at the helm of the company. These two great entrepreneurs and pioneers have always been present throughout MSFT’s history, from its founding to its present. But now that Steve is leaving, how is the company going to respond going forward? There had been a few rumors that Gates was going to come back and be the new leader of MSFT since he played a leading role in Ballmer’s exit.

Steve Ballmer has been the company’s CEO since 2000 when he assumed this role. The news that he would be stepping down was first announced by Steve in August 2013. He had stated that he would be stepping down from his positron as the CEO of MSFT in the next twelve months, but now appears to have seen it fit to leave this early. Various factors could have collaborated to make him hasten his decision to leave. In al likelihood, the company y may already have identified a suitable successor thus making it easier for Ballmer to leave this early.

 Ballmer’s Rich Legacy at MSFT

 Steve leaves behind a rich legacy at MSFT. It was during his tenure at the helm of MSFT that the company made a successful acquisition of Nokia Corporation. MSFT is expected to pay close to €5.5 billion to make this acquisition complete. If this acquisition is concluded successfully, as all indicators show, then it will be the largest in MSFT’s history. The acquisition is meant to improve MSFT’s ability to compete with other major phone makers such as Apple, which is the runaway leader in terms of producing and designing Smartphones and tablets.

 This is decision which MSFT had to make at some point. The company needs to find new ways of making itself attractive to investors. It has to stay relevant in the market through product diversification, an area where it has failed to perform as might have been expected of it. The new CEO has a lot of work cut out for him/her. The need to change the company from inside out will perhaps be the main priority. MSFT will have to be turned into a major profitable firm once more. It won’t be the hardest task for the new CEO, but it will be one of the most challenging.

MSFT is still a major global brand, and I don’t see how the Steve Ballmer’s resignation will negatively affect it.

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