Tomahawk, WI 10/25/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has joined the list of Wall Street companies that are releasing their quarterly financial reports in this very busy period. I was impressed with MSFT’s results, as I am sure most analysts were. The company’s financial results clearly show that the company managed to beat analysts’ expectations during its first quarter earnings. MSFT’s revenue for this three-month period was $18.53 billion, which helped it make earnings of $5.24 billion. The earnings MSFT made during this [period translates to 62 cents for every share held.

MSFT Reports Increase in Revenue

The revenue of $18.53 billion that MSFT earned during this quarter is much higher than the $17.79 billion that Wall Street analysts had expected. Wall Street’s estimates appeared to suggest that the company’s earnings would be 54 cents for every share held for this period. How do these figures compare to a similar period a year ago for MSFT? Last year, MSFT posted a net income of $4.47 billion, compared to this year’s figure of $5.24 billion. Its earnings were 53 cents a share, which was less than the 62 cents it has just posted in its latest quarterly financial results.

MSFT’s revenue in the same period a year ago was $16.01 billion, and is much lower than the $18.53 billion it has posted during this latest quarter. MSFT has said that the reason for its impressive performance during this quarter is the fact that it has introduced a wide range of new products in the market. Gradually, MSFT is demonstrating its willingness to stop being over-dependent on Windows Operating System. Other products that the company relies on for increased sales include Windows Phone devices, Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2, as well as Xbox.

MSFT Sales Could Have Been higher If Not for Poor PC Sales

MSFT says that it has not made as much money as it wanted since the PC sales started diminishing. The stock has been on a period of upward trend throughout most of 2013. It is quite strong in the enterprise market just as much as it is in the server market. Some people appear to be suggesting that Steve Ballmer’s impending retirement from the top management positions at MSFT will have a negative effect on the company. The period of uncertainty that had been predicted is yet to emerge and the latest quarterly results indicate that all is well at MSFT.

If MSFT has increased its revenue through mobile devices such as Windows Phones and Surface 2 as well as Surface Pro, then it is safe to say that its deal with Nokia has great potential. It has greatly benefited from the PC market, where it enjoys close to 95% market share here. Its failure to build well on the mobile OS market has cost MSFT in sales and revenue. Its new commercial products appear to be attracting a lot of excitement in the industry, and this has boosted MSFT’s revenue and sales during this quarter.

MSFT’s latest quarterly financial results are encouraging to investors and analysts at large. The decision to diversify into other products, and stop the heavy reliance on Windows PC sales, has started bearing fruit.

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