Tomahawk, WI 9/09/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Incorporated in the year 1975, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is a leading company in developing software, related services and solutions across the globe.

Microsoft’s all in one music service as delivered via Xbox is gaining popularity worldwide and is making intense strides to deliver every possible music to people anywhere and everywhere they want to play. On Sept. 8, 2013 Microsoft announced that it intends to launch its All in one music service of Xbox to iOS and Android devices and also as free streaming on Xbox music through the web.

In today’s era, people access to their desired music through PC’s, laptops, tablets, phones and TV’s but unfortunately these devices cannot be connected to each other. The accesses to music with so many different devices people interact with have become complicated. Hence, Xbox have been designed in such a way to give a solution to this complex situation. It has the ability to compile the best of all music offerings on Windows 8 PCs and tablets, on the Web and Internet radio, subscription (called Xbox Music Pass), and download-to-own options. The news release has grown the Xbox music ambit which includes iOS and Android devices, and also as free streaming on Xbox music through the web.

“Xbox Music now, more than ever, powers music experiences between Windows 8, Xbox, Windows Phone, and now iOS, Android and the Web,” said Jerry Johnson, the General Manager of Xbox Music. “We’re also excited to connect artists with their fans on the most anticipated consumer product of the year when Xbox One launches Nov. 22.”

It is expected that very soon in the coming months an additional update will be available on iOS and Android devices which will also include an offline mode wherein people can save music on their devices without an internet or data connection.

Microsoft has declared that the growth of Xbox will continue to evolve in the upcoming months. Microsoft has intended to include Radio to the free web player which will enhance the collection of the songs in a quick and dynamic way. This is will also help in personalizing one’s collection, to discover their favorite artists and albums, and ultimately creating playlists with the launch of instant mixes.

Windows 8 will soon include an anticipated new Web Playlist tool feature very soon which will help Xbox Music to grow on this platform too. The tool is designed in such a way that it scans it scans the webpage for the available artists and music on it and creates a customized playlist. This tool helps in identifying all the music available on the page, creates a customized and instant playlist inside the Xbox music which is just a click away. The Windows 8.1 version which includes the Web Playlist tool is to be launched on Oct. 17 this year.

The market capitalization of Microsoft is $259.49 billion with 8.33 billion outstanding shares.

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