Wausau, WI  10/22/2012 (BasicMedia) – As we can track, trends come and go. Some stay longer than others but the one certain aspect of all of them is they morph into something similar or more advanced if they are to stay relevant. You had vinyl recordings and cassette tapes morph into CDs and iPods, Analog television is now digital HD and soon, very soon, almost all media will be online. Newspapers, magazines, radio, television are there now and are going from a more or less local/regional basis to a global presence, where anyone with the internet can tune in no matter where they live.

We have all heard of the shameless art of self-promotion, but there is another art form that has been around for a while which I call the art of reinvention. Companies that don’t reinvent themselves as trends change get lost, forgot about and generally just fade away. There are several big name entities out their right now striving to turn the corner, find the next big cash cow before the current model or product dwindles off into obscurity.

Two of the companies out their that are trying to reinvent themselves or their products to keep up with the ever changing world of the computer and the internet are Google (GOOG) and Microsoft (MSFT). Now these companies are not in danger of drying up and blowing away but they have to face the changing of the trend winds.

Microsoft (MSFT) is unveiling Windows 8 on October 26th. This is the second edition since the  Vista format which no one seemed to like. The company has a lot riding on Windows 8 as this is a major retool of the companies most basic staple. PCs are losing ground to mobile fast and Windows 8 hopes to cross many different platforms. Along with Windows 8, Microsoft has given its online store  a major face lift with online streaming music, they also are coming out with a tablet called “surface” which will go head to head with the iPad. That will be a huge challenge.

Google (GOOG) on the other hand has a different problem to tackle. Going mobile and getting people to click through on to mobile ads is the task at hand. This seems to be a hurdle that everyone in the internet business is facing as PC numbers head south and mobile users are like the high tide coming in fast and furious. Mobile ads are like that drippy faucet in the kitchen that you hear late at night. When you are surfing on your smartphone you are usually in some kind of time crunch, so clicking on those annoying ads is the last thing you want to do at the moment. Success in this area will be one of the next steps for Google to go from just a search engine to something bigger.

Microsoft is seeing the taillights in the windshield and Google is in a cage match for advertising dollars. This is just the beginning of the reinvention convention. Stay tuned as there are more to come.

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