Bayfeild, WI  10/8/12 (BasicsMedia) – Shiver me timbers, hoist the yard arm, the United States not the Caribbean is where most Pirates consider home and the Florida City of Gainesville has the biggest infestation and can claim to be the pirate capital of the world.

You might think Captain Jack Sparrow was leading the population as Gainesville is the reported global leader for piracy in the world by the Digital Music Index (DMI) which is complied by the boys and girls at MusicMetric. The study was done on a peer to peer BitTorrent bais and when published showed that we the American people have chosen to download roughly 759 million songs on an illegal basis during the first half of 2012. The chosen weapon of choice from which we perpetrated this piracy was with BitTorent downloading software. Other American cities in the running for the top metro areas for illegal downloading hotspots are Albany, Ga., Fairbanks, Ala. (no water anywhere near Fairbanks but there is also not much to do during the long cold winters) Lexington, Ky. and Tallahassee, Fl. round out the list. The most downloaded music genre was rap with five songs accounting for almost 2 million of the illegal downloads.

Not all the music on BitTorrent is illegal but the majority of songs taken was unlicensed. The report claims and the good people of the U.S. of A. were the biggest users and abusers of said software. The British Invasion came in second on the report as the people of the  U.K. downloaded 30 million albums and another 10 million single songs. Manchester was the center of the Brits illegal piracy, followed by Nottingham and Southampton. Do you see a pattern or a connection here? Gainesville and the cities in the U.K. all have very young, substantial college populations.

In territories where Pandora Media (P) and Spotify are available the report found that file sharing decreased slightly over the same six month period of 2012. In areas that have low cost, legal streaming services and low barrier entry access, piracy on an overall basis is much lower and continues to lose ground.

MySpace was the leader for new and breaking acts on the Internet but has been overtaken by Soundcloud. Google’s (GOOG) Youtube is the most popular place to listen to music online with people across the world running up 33.5 billion plays and don’t forget how Apple (APPL) has made to much money to even think about off of iTunes.

Even with what Captain Jack takes, the music industry is committed to expanding online. Global revenue from digital music was an estimated 5.2 billion in 2011, which was up 5% from the previous year.

Bang a Gong I say.

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