Tomahawk, WI 10/25/2013 (BasicsMedia) – NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:NDAQ) with a market cap of around $7.63 billion, operates as a holding company in the financial sector. Its services touch on various aspects that include clearing, securities listing, regulatory, exchange technology, trading and public company services. NDAQ does not limit its services to any particular region bearing in mind that its presence is felt in full in all the six continents. NDAQ has organized its operations into three segments that include Market Technology, Issuer Services, and Market Services.

NDAQ’s Net Income Reaches Record Highs

Some of its peers in the industry include the NYSE Euronext, CME Group Inc, London Stock Exchange, and TMX Group Inc among others. A day ago, NDAQ reported its third quarter of 2013 financial results that included earnings of $113 million. Not only that, but NDAQ’s net income reached a record high of $506 million, which represented an increase of around 23% from a similar period in 2012. NDAQ’s net revenues also witnessed growth by around 4% from the third quarter of last year to 2013. NDAQ enjoyed increase performance on many fronts.

Organic growth at NDAQ was not limited only to trading businesses. Growth was seen in non-trading businesses as well, and these include listing services, technology solutions and information services. All revenues that are not based on transactions formed close to 73% of all the net revenues for the third quarter of 2013. This was an increase of around 27% on the figures posted for the similar period a year ago. NDAQ’s revenues in 2012 were around $412 million, and this shows that it has done some things right in 2013 that have boosted these numbers.

NDAQ’s Good Performance Attributed to New Strategies

NDAQ top executives attribute the good performance on a number of strategies that it has put in place in 2013. It seems that more clients prefer using technologies, solutions, and systems developed by NDAQ thus helping to push the company higher in many categories. NDAQ reports that every company using its products and services is often ranked either in the first or second place in its respective industry. This is good for NDAQ and continues to make it quiet attractive to more investors all over the world. The net effect is increased demand for the stock.

NDAQ still has a lot of work to do on matters such as improving its operating expenses. Its revenues can reach much higher levels if NDAQ can work on reducing its operating expenses, which have increased from $242 million in 2012 to a high of $304 million in 2013. Such high levels of operating expenses will always have a negative effect on revenues and net incomes and NDAQ has to find ways of working on reducing them. The increase in operating expenses is partly due to a number of acquisitions it has made in this recent quarter in 2013.

NDAQ has a three-pronged approach in terms of how it carries out its operations, and these include servicing the market, improving delivery of products and services to customers, and creating better returns for its shareholders.

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