Northern,WI  11/12/2012 (BasicsMedia)  —  New York Times (NYSE:NYT): Same as the Old Boss and this has been a tough year for the BBC, and it’s been a tough millenium for newspapers in general as the consumer changed the way they read the news.  One approach is to pluck executives you think can give you a large global presence and lead your company.  In this case the New York Times did exactly that..

Shares of (NYT) rallied from the lows of 2012 ($6 p/s) to a high near $11 in October..the company marketcap is far below where it was in the 90’s as revenue flagged.  But shares dropped big on October 25th as earnings and margins missed expectations.  This is not new for the industry as Thomson Reuters (NYSE:TRI) and Bristish Sky Works (BSY.L) also have had a rough go of it as online ad sales and circulation goes through a seismic shift.

The New York Times Co said it will proceed with its plan for Mark Thompson to take over as CEO on Monday, despite an intensifying scandal at the BBC that has raised questions about his tenure at Britain’s flagship broadcasting company.

“He is going to be CEO beginning November 12,” a New York Times spokesman said on Sunday.

The New York Times maintained its confidence in the paper’s new chief following the news that George Entwistle, the director-general of the BBC, said he was resigning from the broadcaster on Saturday. Entwistle took the blame for a news program at its flagship Newsnight, which aired a mistaken allegation that a former British senior politician sexually abused children.

The latest embarrassment comes as the BBC faces police and other investigations into claims that hundreds of people, some as young as 12, were sexually abused over the course of decades by one of their top personalities, the late Jimmy Savile. It is also facing awkward questions over how the same Newsnight program – while Thompson was director-general – killed a report that was investigating complaints against Savile and instead aired laudatory shows commemorating Savile after he died last year.

I get my news from Yahoo and occasionally I buy a New York Times at the news stand, I am like most most of the world except big cities with public transportation where the newspaper in hand is a morning tradition.


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