Tomahawk, WI 8/06/2013 (Basicsmedia) – News Corp (NASDAQ:NWSA) was formerly known as the New Newscorp Inc. The name change took place in June 28, 201. The company has established its headquarters in New York, New York and is currently served by more than 24,000 full time employees. Its media and information services are provided to people spread all over the world. It is a major player in the broadcasting TV industry and its services are constantly sought throughout the entre globe. The main point of writing this article is to highlight whether investor\s should buy NWSA stock in 2013 or not.

Which is NWSA’s Biggest Competitor?

NWSA has quite formidable competitors in this industry. One of its chief rivals is known as CNN, and it is important to mention that NWSA is performing admirably when one considers the nature and size of the companies it has to fight off with to gain a strong presence and a larger chunk of the market share. There are certain catalysts which work to NWSA’s favor while others negate its achievements and hinder it from realizing its goals as a company.  NWSA has entered the sports coverage arena and is apparently doing quite well hence the god performance I continues to enjoy in the stock market.

Challenges Facing NWSA

NWSA has opted to diversify its media assets, and this simple decision has worked to its advantage as well. It has several TV shows, news channels, international cable business, several motion pictures, film studio, sports and cable TV to mention but just a few. This diversification has been cited as a wonderful resource which stands to benefit the company to an extent where it will lead to its growth. NWSA has several opportunities in countries such as Brazil and Australia, which it can penetrate using its TV shows and channels thus improving its revenue collection, and profits.

However, it is worth pointing out that NWSA has a number of challenges it must overcome if it intends to boost its financial results in the next few years. The part of its business which is tasked with DVD movie sales is not doing as well as it might have been hoped. The challenge which this part of the company has to contend and deal with is the fact that more people are moving into streaming movies online, thus have no need or desire to buy DVDs from NWSA or any other company. These days, movies can be viewed through mobile devices and this eats into the revenue which this business would have added.


Image showing revenue for NWSA from 2003-2011.

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My conclusion as to whether investors should buy NWSA stock is that there is nothing absolutely wrong with such a move. The company has diversified into more areas and is bound to continue enjoying increased revenue, just like it has been doing in the last ten years or so. Each year the company reports revenue in the region of $30 billion and above. This is quite good news considering that together with many other analysts, I have been advising more people to buy is stock. As a mater of fact, I consider this stock to be a strong buy and anyone investing in it will surely see huge returns.

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