Tomahawk, WI 11/01/2013 (BasicsMedia) –, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) is the world’s largest online retailer. The company has come up with several business ideas, which are not profitable right now. The company is in a major battle with other online retailers to boost its revenues, and declare profits, which it has not done in a long time. AMZN’s investors cite the company’s inability to declare profits as one of the major problems they have with it. This sentiment is shared with AMZN’s critics as well. There is talk that AMZN wishes to invest in Smartphone in 2014 to add this to other products. Inc To Launch Flagship Smartphone in 2014

AMZN is not short of innovative ideas. In fact, investors and analysts alike, point at its many ideas as the main reason why the company continues to struggle with declaring profits. This the reason the company never shies off from coming up with newer products. It loves reinvesting its revenue back into more research and product development. These acts often require a large chunk of the company’s revenue and free cash. They consume a large chunk of AMZN’s revenue to an extent that it cannot declare profits. I believe that the trend will continue deep into 2014.

AMZN’s Smartphone will be the product of partnership between this retail giant and other makers of compact camera modules from Asia. Consequently, some of the features that the AMZN Smartphone will have include a 3D gesture and eye-tracking device. The launch of this new Smartphone will take place during the second quarter of 2014, and will offer stiff competition to other similar products that are already on the market. This will be AMZN’s flagship Smartphone and will boast of not less than six compact camera modules.

Compact Camera Module Makers Working With Inc

Four out of the six compact camera modules on AMZN’s flagship Smartphone are VGA cameras, and they will be fitted on the four corners of this amazing device. The VGA cameras on the Smartphone will enable the device to offer 3D gesture and eye-tracking features. Likewise, the Smartphone will feature two traditional types of cameras as well, located at the front and rear of the device, just like other gizmos. The three major makers of compact camera modules that AMZN collaborates with for this project include Primax, Sunny Optical, and Liteon.

Primax enjoys the distinction of being AMZN’s main supplier for the compact camera modules for the Smartphone. This deal is one that many experts are looking forward to anxiously. AMZN could seriously alter the face of the Smartphone industry and offer credible challenge to the major players in this field. The Smartphone will definitely not be cheap, since its compact camera modules alone will cost around $40. I think the Smartphone will be a premium product from AMZN and the potential demand is quite good, though actual figures are hard to predict.

Generally, AMZN remains a very good stock to invest in and add to your portfolio as an investor. Its future is not under any threat yet. AMZN’s insistence on innovation and product development is on the verge of bearing some amazing fruits.

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