09/03/2012, Boston (BasicsMedia.com) – Microsoft Windows is the world’s leading computer operating system and the release of different versions had seismic consequences that affected hundreds of consumers.

This time,the launch of Windows 8 will cast the biggest shadow. Software success will determine the fate of Nokia, which is the struggling cell phone partner for Microsoft. Analysts says that Windows Phone 8, the mobile version used in Nokia, will solidify the turnaround over next 3 years of time and is expecting to overtake iOS, which is at number 2 position behind Android. Nokia has suspended the MeeGo and Symbian smartphone platforms and started focusing on Windows completely. It is a make or break moment for the company. Everything is based on new Windows 8; if it is not going to work, then there might be existential crisis for Nokia.

Nokia started its first Windows phone in June 2011 and its total sales had fallen by 19%. Nokia had lost seventy percent of market value from 2011 Feb. Analysts and company are upbeat about Nokia’s survival chances. Nokia is releasing new Lumia phones with Windows 8 software that complement four Lumia models present already in the market. All the older versions of Lumia get 7.5 software and cannot be upgraded to 8-version. New Lumia devices will be similar to that of new Lumia 900. The new model gets Windows 8 OS and it will be the first phone to have multicore processor that makes the device faster and agile in accessing internet. It is able to present crisper graphics. The upcoming Lumia price will be closer to the price of new Lumia 610.

The company is also expected to reduce the price of new Lumia models to sustain sales during the transition period. It might announce few enhancements for security and encrypting features to the potential customers of Blackberry. What company wants to see from the brand’s perspective is to get back to where they were, which is the hardest part?

The new Lumia models are expected to gain Apple’s market share and also from the makers of Android phones. Windows 8 is expected to make a big difference for the company and it is clear that Nokia and Microsoft are in marathon. They are not looking towards the short-term results.

In the month of June, Nokia managed to sell almost 7.2 million Lumia units across the globe, which is a good sign for the upcoming models. But, it’d be interesting to see how many Nokia manages to meet up Apple’s next gen iPhone.

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