Tomahawk, WI 11/05/2013 (BasicsMedia) –  Nuvilex Inc. (OTCMKTS:NVLX) is a $78.38 million capped company in the biotech industry with special focus in cell and gene therapy for treatment of cancer and diabetes. A look at the company’s stock health indicates that it is beginning to pick itself up for an upward rally in the near term. Its shares have recently hit key pivotal points which also suggest that time is ripe for it to abandon the penny dollar trading to some significant dollar value for its stock on the browsers. Its stock price is currently hovering around $0.129.

Acquisition is hailed in the medical circles

Providing treatment for different cancer variants and diabetes is expected to see the biotech firm enter a lucrative market. Another major catalytic event that could potentially send Nuvilex stock up is the announced close to acquisition of live-cell-based delivery system and mechanism which the management anticipated. This deal will certainly be a game changer when viewed from the clinical stand point. It is the $22 billion estimated annual sales for diabetes drugs in the U.S. that is even make more sense in the acquisition deal. Viewed in the light of correlation between pancreatic cancer and diabetes which still remains largely undefined, the Nuvilex deal is a sweet one for the medical community, especially if you ask clinicians and physicians.

A lot of clinical studies have often pointed that about 80% of pancreatic cancer patients also suffer diabetes. Other recent studies have also recognized that people diagnosed with glucose intolerance issues after 50 years of age showed up to eight times higher chances of suffering pancreatic cancer. This is in comparison with the general population.

Pancreatic cancer may lead to diabetes condition. Also conditions that result in diabetes may also lead to abnormal development in the pancreas, eventually resulting in pancreatic cancer. These are prevalent theories in the medical community about the cause-effect relationship between the two conditions and by playing along these lines, Nuvilex is on the verge of eking out the much needed solution for the patients and doctors are already nodding their heads.

So what is clear is that Nuvilex is edging closer to a lucrative market by combining the early-state diabetes treatment rights that is soon to be acquired with its late-stage pancreatic cancer trial data so as to advance its treatment for both conditions. And if a breakthrough comes in this approach which gives under-one roof therapy for both diseases, then the shares of Nuvilex will not just be moving back to the best levels, but extend the run-up.

Investors are poised for fat rewards in near-term

The anticipated closing of the diabetes technology treatment acquisition is likely to see investors collect rewarding milestones on the micro front. Upon closing of the acquisition rights, the deal will boost the company’s valuation immediately. Another exciting thing that investors might be glad about is release of the progress reports about the late-stage clinical trials on the production of live cancer drug cells for the pancreatic cancer treatment.  In overall, the good news at Nuvilex is that the stock has the wind behind it following industry rotations.


Going by the rotation in the biotech sector and all the milestone development news coming ahead, Nuvilex is a particular sweet stock to acquire in good time and this good time means immediate buy. The biotech firm is poised for massive profits in the near term and this could be the rare historic gain that an investor cannot wish to stay away from. The company’s pipeline is just perfect its push for one-roof diabetes and cancer therapy is good news which means that things are getting into the right direction rather faster than anticipated.

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