Tomahawk, WI 07/15/2014 (Basicsmedia)  General Electric Company (NYSE:GE) enhances the features of flight making use of numerous sensors and proprietary technology. The fleets of Airbus belonging to Air Asia have been enriched with recent trends and technology to make the pilot smarter.

What does the Sensor do?

The sensors have been installed in order to calculate performance, retrieve weather information, data required for its flight, etc. the flight is networked and connected to the cloud which makes it possible for the GE Aviation Flight Efficiency Services to control the flight path and altitude from their remote location. This new system cuts down the price by 1% that will save the airline’s jet fuel cost by 550 pounds per hour of flight

Economy by choosing the right path

The operators and managers of airlines and the pilot can see the readings at the dashboard of the plane to make a wise decision to select a shorter way and save the fuel by taking informed decisions. Other than Air Asia there are a number of other airlines that have already incorporated this system. These include China Airlines, West Jet, EVA Air, Air New Zealand.

GPS to find the shortest route

General Electric Company (NYSE:GE) along with Air Asia are under negotiation of creating a better flight plan that extensively exploits the GPS system in an attempt to increase the fuel efficiency and increase the capacity. A total of 15 Malaysian airports, 8 airports in Thailand and Indonesia are under foremost preparation for being well connected. As said earlier, the goal of the company is to increase their efficiency and increase its possibility.

What can be extracted?

The present segment of airline industry prefers using RADAR instead of GPS and this system has brought in RNP which stands for Required Navigation Performance. The pilots of south eastern Alaska faced tremendous trouble in maintaining a steady path and this caused hot of wastage of fuel and other resources.

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