Tomahawk, WI 10/14/2013 (BasicsMedia) – SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (NYSEARCA:SPY) is one of the ETFs which have brought a lot of financial gains to investors. This solid performance has mostly been noted in the third quarter of 2013. This is an ETF whose market cap is an impressive $17.19 billion. It monitors activities in twenty four different industries. It is also composed of 500 selected stocks within a wide range of industries. The strong performance shown by SPY is quite remarkable bearing in mind that the last three months have not been among the best for ETFs and other various industries as well.

 SPY and Other ETFs Garner $53 Billion

This fund has helped to garner close to $53 billion in the latest quarter. This money has been garnered and spread over a cross section of industries which it is composed of. The 3-month period during which the money has been garnered, has been one of the toughest for SPY and other ETFs. It is during this time that the largest ETF outflow was reported. This massive outflow of ETFs took place in August 2013. Perhaps more interesting is the fact that SPY and other ETFs also posted the best results on the first day of the federal or government shutdown.

 SPY is A Must Watch Stock for the Remainder of 2013

 SPY has now been rated as one of the most important stocks to watch out for during the remainder of 2013. It is a stock which provides a more in-depth look into the health of the economy. This is due to its composition, where 500 selected stocks and 24different industries are all included in SPY. The government shutdown was expected to play a major role in terms of messing up with ETFs, especially those which have a wider reach into the housing or mortgage sector. This was expected to trigger several events which would also impact other industries.

 The demand for SPY and other similar ETFs has been quite high in 2013. Although there has been massive growth with these ETFs, I am of the opinion that they would have performed even much better if the massive ETFs outflow had not taken place. Earlier in the latest quarter, the market had been quite bullish and I think this would probably have gone on were it for aforementioned reasons. It is not easy to point out one reason why SPY and other similar ETFs have done this well, but if you are not a long term investor, you may quite on waiting.

 SPY and other similar ETFs are designed for people with long term interests. However, it can also help you in the short term by highlighting to you the stocks which are doing well. It also offers a pointer to the general performance and health of the economy as a whole. It can be quite frustrating to monitor and keep in touch with SPY or other similar types of ETFs. But in the same way, it can be quite enlightening since it will help you to check how other investors are making their decisions thus helping you to keep off from stocks which could frustrate you.

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