Tomahawk, WI 9/06/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Rockwell medical Inc (NASDAQ:RMTI) shares jumped by 7.2% to $5.94 in recent pre market trading with news coming out that a study on its iron deficiency drug study were a success. Its study on iron deficiency drug SFP met the main goal of second latest stage study. This is a positive that is sure to increase the strength of its shares in the major stock exchanges.

Rockwell Medical CEO was ready to insist that the top line results from the cruise two trails were an indication that iron SFP is safe and effective as an iron replacement therapy. This drug will be able to maintain good levels of hemoglobin in the body without necessarily having to increase iron stores.

Rockwell is also in advanced stages to launch its FDA approved generic drug Calcitriol that will be used to treat secondary hyperparathyroidism in dialysis patients. Ones it receives the FDA Manufacturing approval. RMTI stands a better chance of addressing an estimated $350M in the US Market alone. This is one of the first studies to be carried on two identical phase three efficacy aimed at providing clinical data required for a company to file a New Drug Application with the US FDA

Cruise-2 study successfully met the predefined primary efficacy endpoint which is a change in hemoglobin from baseline to End of treatment between the SFP and placebo group. The end point statistically showed a significant difference between the SFP and placebo groups. Safety wise cruise 2 studies revealed that the drug was consistent with what is expected in the chronic hemodialysis population. SFP also met key secondary end points such as maintenance of reticulocyte hemoglobin, maintenance of hemoglobin, the study also revealed an in serum iron pre-to-post treatment without increase in ferritin.

 This mega drug manufacturing company has been on high since reporting positive results from the first study of SFP that was carried in July. This is sure to be good news to shareholders as its stocks look to be the real deal in the next few coming years if it continues with the trend of producing quality and reliable drugs. A study also carried in February discovered that SFP reduced the need for erythrprotein- stimulating agents which have been known to be expensive medications for the stimulation of production of red blood cells.

Chief executive officer at Rockwell exhumed confidence that SFP will get the much needed approval from the US Food and Drugs Administration to become the new standard care in iron therapy. Other news coming from Rockwell indicate that SFP is being as an oral drug for the purpose of delivery in dialysis and parental nutrition

 Rob Chioni Rockwell was clearly overwhelmed by the new revelation by stating “we are all thrilled with the successful results of this Cruise-1 efficacy study, SFP is a safe and effective iron replacement therapy that consistently maintains hemoglobin levels without increasing iron stores”.

The closing price of Rockwell’s stock was $7.99 gaining 32.50% in the previous session with a volume of 12.59 million shares compared to the average volume of 1.00 million.

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