Tomahawk, WI 9/24/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Few companies can boast of a track record which is filled with one win after the other, the way Goldman Sachs Group Inc (NYSE:GS) has managed. While other companies have been struggling to turn their fortunes around after the debilitating financial crisis which affect the entire globe in 2008, GS has managed to turn its fortunes around. Ye manner in which GS has been quite successful has often led many to ask how this has been possible when the banking sector was one of the most seriously affected in the U.S. How has the bank managed this?

 Last week the stock market experienced some measure of turmoil and this was enough to remind not only the Americans but the rest of the world of how volatile this market still is. However, lately the company is doing well but now to the level expected of a company of its stature. Its  latest financial results indicate that the company’s revenue fell from the $3.37 billion posted in 2012, to close to $1.6 billion. This is huge and can be used to study how the American economy is also expected to perform. A company of this size is generally reliable in giving a true picture.

 GS Posts Impressive Profits

 Operating profits posted by GS generally showed a positive outlook from the figures posted in 2012. The overall profit jumped to $1.09 billion, which is quite impressive for a company which was also affected by the crisis which occurred not so long ago. Other companies can learn a lot from GS on how to continue posting profits even when the revenues are not doing so well. It is also worth pointing that the majority of this bank’s profits were from sources which are not considered to be core to banking institutions, though this affects other large banks as well.

 GS is not doing so well in the commodities market. It has reported losses in this business. What I believe is that GS will probably never be able to repeat the kind of profits it released in the 2009 period. Back then, the bank was in a more stable position compared to others which had been weakened by the financial crisis. In the last twelve years, GS has failed to meet yearly predictions made by analysts at least fie times. This may still continue though this often gets forgotten when the bank reports such huge sums as overall or operating profits.

 What GS Needs to do as a Market Leader

 GS still has a lot to do in order to position itself as a leader in the market. It may have enjoyed huge profits at a time when other companies of its stature and operating within the same industry where still in a weak position. Now that other companies appear to be on the road to recovery thereby offering intense competition to GS, one wonders how much longer this level of profit making will last. However, as a publicly traded company, GS owes its investors and Wall Street certain obligations, and as long as it meets them, there isn’t much problem with that.

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