Tomahawk, WI 8/13/2013 (Basicsmedia) – It is not strange or uncommon to come across investors who get really excited about the financial results and general stock performance of any company and the same is not strange with Twenty-First Century Fox Inc (NASDAQ:FOXA). There has been a lot of activity going on around the company, and some of these happenings have got many analysts and top experts within this industry excited about the future of Twenty-First Century Fox. In this article, we will look at a few things which make investors really excited about the company, and see if the excitement is really warranted.


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FOXA Results Fail to Meet Analysts’ Estimates

The level of excitement associated with what analysts feel about FOXA, would be best looked at after examining the company’s latest financial results. Immediately, you will notice that when the company reported its financial results, it emerged that it hadn’t met analysts’ estimates or projections. However, it still managed to report a profit, and more than that, beat the expectation of experts in matters to do with revenue for the latest quarter. If you are an investor in this stock and want higher growth, you would be pleased that it beat revenue estimates.

When the revenue is looked at with a fine toothcomb, you will notice that it actually fell by close to 13.84%. The figure itself was quite good, standing at $7.21 billion, but was still quite low when compared with what the company was able to get last year, in the same period. It should not escape the mind of anyone that FOXA was formerly known as News Corporation, before the latter opted to separate its businesses into two. This means that FOXA now trades alone, and the results which were announced, are for this company, and not of the original or mother company.

WIN’s Poor Performance Explained

There is some belief that the company would probably have performed much better if its top executives hadn’t taken too much time on making the separation a success and smooth during and after the transition period. Going forward, this is a company which seeks to build its own growth plan, strategies and capital plans too. The biggest aspect of the company which brought in a higher percentage of the revenue was the company’s channels. The company has continued to invest in newer channels in the hope that this will propel its financial performance in future.

For a company which went through such a trying period, it is best to say that it performed quite admirably, and that the earnings were quite strong. The revenue growth is also quite admirable bearing in mind what went on inside the company as it focused on making the separation a success. The firm is projected to deliver a strong performance going forward, which in turn will be transmitted over to offering a better long term value for all its shareholders. These are just but a few factors which have caused a lot of excitement in Wall Street, and among investors as well.

Though you will hear of some negative outlook regarding FOXA’s next quarter financial results, I’m of the opinion that this is a company with the capacity to produce results, even when it is least expected to do so.

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