Tomahawk, WI 8/02/2013 (Basicsmedia) – There comes a time when investors may need to ask themselves whether it is the right time for them to sell their Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) shares. This is an aspect of investment which applies everywhere and not just to FB alone. Many people have often wondered whether they did the right thing by deciding to buy or invest in FB shares. This article seeks to examine the latest figures and financial data regarding FB and provide shareholders with answers as to whether it is the right time to sell, or if they need to wait for a little longer until the opportunity favors them more than it does right now.

What Became of FB IPO?

Sometime back, FB opted to go public through IPO, which was then deemed to have been nothing other than a disaster. The amount if fetched per share was $38. Since then, and it is worth noting that the IPO took place in 2012, FB has seen nothing other than a drop in its price and at one point, it reached a record low of only $17.58 per share. This amount was much lower than what it received during the IPO launching. However, this week, FB managed to get back to the figure which was noticed during the launch of its IPO, of $37 per share.

What Should Investors Do?

There are likely two categories of investors where FB is concerned; one category is composed of investors who bought their shares at $38 each, while the other category is of those who bought theirs at $17.58. Of the two categories, the ones who purchased at $17.58 are likely to get a profit if they decide to sell at the current price of $38 per share. However, those who bought during the launch of the IPO would not get profits since they may only succeed in recouping what they spent and nothing extra on top. This is a very tricky situation investors find themselves in.

Buying and selling stock is all about proper timing. If you want to be profitable in such a venture, you would need to demonstrate some measure of patience with your decisions so that you sell or buy at just the right time. Now, there is hope that the price could just as well go beyond and above the $38 per share. However, it could just as well stick at where it is right now and not move beyond this. After all, who foresaw a situation where FB would attract a low of $17.58 per share? There is an upward trend, but nobody knows for how long it will last.


Image shows how FB has been performing of late in the stock market. Diagram is courtesy of

If I was to give my advice, I would say the following. If you want to sell, and you bought when the prices were lower than $20 per share, there is nothing wrong. You will make your profits and smile all the way to the bank. If you have held on to your shares even when they went below what you spent to buy them per share, you should wait and see how the market is going to respond. FB is still a strong performer in the market and until you understand fully what is causing the huge increase in stock price, you are better off holding for a little longer.

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