Tomahawk, WI 10/15/2013 (BasicsMedia) – There is a lot of speculation as to whether Sprint Corporation (NYSE:S) is really on the path towards recovery and good times once again or not. It has not enjoyed better returns in the communication sector, seen in its poor financials, the way in which some of its peers have enjoyed in the recent days. Its struggles are quite shocking since it operates in a sector which has generally been enjoying remarkable growth. Its market cap of around $23.56 billion should have been more than enough to help cushion it from the poor financials it has posted in recent days.

 Biggest Challenges Facing Sprint Corporation

 One of the biggest challenges Sprint Corporation faces is with regard to the duopoly currently being enjoyed by Verizon and AT&T. If S finds a way of standing up to these two globally huge companies, it will be on the path towards better returns in the coming months, quarters and years. Likewise, the other challenge which it has been forced to tackle is its merger with Nextel. This merger has simply failed to live up to expectations, and Sprint has suffered a great deal. Nextel finally shutdown in June 2013, and this has given S the chance to develop new strategies.

 Sprint Corporation Was Right to End Its Merger with Nextel

I’m of the opinion that the deal between Sprint Corporation and Nextel was not good for the former. Once its merge with Nextel was broken, the company was free to pursue other deals. It succeeded with its acquisition of Clearwire, before it also became the subject of an acquisition by Softbank. These two new deals have the potential of helping S to turn its fortunes around and be attractive both to investors and customers alike. Analysts were also never pleased with the direction that was being taken by Sprint after its merger with Nextel, but there is hope now.

Sprint Has to Play Catch-up to Other 4G Service Providers

Sprint now has the chance of being one of the major players where 4G is concerned in the U.S. The recent launch of iPhone 5S and 5C by Apple Inc provides Sprint with another avenue through which it can enjoy better sales. Sprint now allows customers to upgrade their phones after every twelve months, ever since it launched both iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S on its network. This is yet one more tool it can make sue of to enjoy better sales for the remainder of 2013 and beyond. Sprint’s 4G services may be late compared to its peers, but there is still hope for it.

Since Sprint Corporation already offers its services in all the 50 states in the U.S, in addition to the U.S Virgin islands as well as Puerto Rico, its future prospects look good. Its revenues have been on an upward trend from 2010 to 2012. Revenue from its wireless platform or division have been the highest, while its wireline division hasn’t brought much in to the company in terms of revenue. Revenue from the wireline division of Sprint Corporation has been on a decline, but this may change depending on how the company responds to the new deals it has with other firms.

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