Tomahawk, WI 9/19/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Starbucks Corporation (NASDAQ:SBUX)’s presence in 60 countries is attributed to the fact that it is a highly respected roaster, retailer and marketer of coffee. It has grown into a global brand operating more than 9,400 stores, and 8,661 stores which it has licensed out. The company has started embracing technology in its services with the sole aim of attracting more customers into its stores. It now has a number of mobile apps which it uses to encourage customers to its stores to spend more money at any given time. This is quite good for SBUX’s future prospects.

 Starbucks has reported that close to 10% of all in-store purchases within its facilities is done using mobile payments. This has mostly been witnessed in the company’s U.S stores, but is expected to be replicated in many other stores around the globe. This would be integral to its survival going forward and has the capacity to make SBUX one of the most profitable in the industry. However, this technology seems to be available mostly to those with a Smartphone and it gives customers the option of making payments using this Starbucks or Square Wallet app.

 Cost of SBUX’s Card App

 This technology doesn’t come cheap if the $25 million which SBUX invested in it is anything to go by. However, if the payment technology helps the company to improve its sales, it will be worth every single penny. The payment processor was acquired by SBUX in 2012, before the company saw it befitting to add the Square Wallet mobile app into the mix as well. It expects to introduce these apps in thousands of its stores all over the U.S before transferring the same to cover all its stores in the countries where it operates its coffee business.

 The Starbucks card app has been quite instrumental in helping many people to make repeat visits to its stores. It is good for business on many fronts. More traffic is being directed to the company’s mobile and desktop sites, which is also quite good for business. On a weekly basis, the card app is responsible for some 3 million transactions all over the U.S. This step has helped create a new image in the mind of customers regarding SBUX as a modern company. It is this sort of image which helps to make SBUX an attraction among the younger generation as well.

 Technology Increases SBUX Successes

 The success which SBUX has enjoyed as a result of embracing technology has played a massive role in convincing other restaurants to follow suit. It is now common to come across restaurants which have created mobile payment apps thus making it easier for customers to make orders, play games while waiting for their orders to be processed, and make payments once they are done. Other companies which have also done something close to what SBUX has here, is McDonald’s Corporation. It appears that these apps are the way of the future for these firms.

 Mobile apps have helped SBUX to improve customer experience, and assure it of a loyal customer base. The company has changed how it does business by taking aspects of technology which fit its business model and making them a part of its daily operations.

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