Northern,WI  10/1/2012 (Basic Media) – Cell phones have become a part of everyday life. I firmly believe in about four or five years from now they will find a way to have them either implanted or surgically attached to our ears. One of the big problems we all face in this present economic state is the high cost of many of these smart phones not to mention the plans that come with them. So what is the average middle class person to do? Well there are many phones and plans out there that come pre-paid and the service is really pretty good. There are some that even work with the smart phones of today so you don’t have to dumb down your smart phone.

In the second quarter of this year cellphone subscribers on contract plans rose just 0,5% according to UBS AG (UBS). The people who became  pre-paid cell phone customers grew about 11% to 74 million users. Part of the reasoning is people are asking themselves; Do we need all that instant access or can I go from spending $150 a month to spending $50 a month? It is kind of like double dipping as most of us have either a laptop or desktop at home with internet access and we also can most likely get online at work if we really need to.

The  four big national wireless carriers offer prepaid options and there are  a whole bunch of smaller companies that offer the same. Here are just a handfull of others that you may or may not have heard of, Boost Mobile, Cricket Wireless, MetroPCS, U.S. Cellular, and Virgin Mobile. These companies really offer some pretty sweet deals.

Now here are some even smaller companies that you may not have ever heard of but tie into many of the big national wireless networks.

Consumer Cellular has very simple, easy to understand plans for anyone. They offer national GSM coverage through AT&T.

H2O Wireless also runs on their national service on the ATT&T GSM network. Their plans can be purchased anywhere from $10 to $100 and you can even purchase their service by the day.

Kajeet is a Sprint based service, Net10 is a division of the ever popular TracFone, Ready Mobile PCS is another company that uses Sprints national network.

As I was researching this article I stumbled on a very interesting fact. I found out that my service provider, which is Straight Talk, works with certain Iphones! Although a couple of the built in features will not work with Straight Talk most of them do and for the money a person pays for these smart phones this just might be something to look into.

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