Tomahawk, WI 11/01/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) announced earlier in the year that it plans to introduce affordable cars into the market. This is important since the electric cars it makes are among the most expensive in the market, where they range from $55,000 and above. TSLA’s intentions are good and should be encouraged since it could be its ticket towards global recognition. While at it, TSLA should build more supercharger stations wherever it intends to sell its electric cars. Why produce cheaper EVs without building more supercharger stations to charge the batteries?

TSLA Has Finished Repaying its Loan

TSLA obtained a loan facility from the U.S Department of Energy about a decade ago. It faced huge challenges in paying back the loan, which it has now done close to nine years later. The loan was for many purposes, and one of them was to help TSLA come up with a true electric vehicle that would be different from other models in the market. The company achieved this goal through its Model S electric vehicle, which is the best car of 2013. Model S is on its way to overtaking other models such as Audi in terms of annual car sales figures in the U.S.

TSLA is not content with what it has achieved thus far in 2013. The company says it will release a Model X Crossover in 2014. If the Model S is anything to go by, I expect Model X Crossover to make headlines once TSLA releases it into the market. However, I think Model X Crossover will not the cheap Tesla electric model that was mentioned earlier in the year. TSLA cannot let this intention slip through its fingers. It has to look into ways of expanding its services and operations globally, instead of being too reliant on the U.S market.

If TSLA intends to get a place in the annals of history for the right reasons where automotive companies are mentioned, it must improve its sales. One way of doing this is by coming up with an affordable model. The creation of an affordable model will push TSLA’s sales and revenues higher than the current levels. Currently, TSLA sells close to 5,000 electric vehicles during every quarter. The company announced that it expects to release the affordable model by late 2017, and there is reason to believe it is serious since it seeks to increase its presence in new markets.

TSLA Is Serious About Affordable Cars

Personally, I think TSLA is serious with its intentions of building a cheaper model. This is seen through the fact that it is working on building more supercharger stations in various nations of the world, especially in Europe. This is in preparation for the increased demand for its products. Most electric vehicles lovers say that if the price of a Tesla car shoots down to less than $20,000, it would be affordable for them, but only if there will be supercharger stations within easy reach. TSLA announced that it will price its cheaper models under $40,000 a unit.

TSLA is on the right track, and I believe this strategy provides further proof that the management is intent on growing it to global levels.

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