Tomahawk, WI 11/14/2013 (BasicsMedia) –  Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) chief executive Elon Musk is promising fans of its electric car models that more is still in store for them, perhaps with a lot more surprises. Tesla makes all-electric car, a market segment that it is quickly dominating looking at its increasing deliveries and a backlog of orders. The company is working on an upgrade of Model S that is expected next year as Model X. Then of course, a lot of talks have also touched on Model E, a next-gen all-electric car that is still an imagination for most drivers. But now, the electric car company has announced its intent to enter the pickup truck market to face traditional players like Ford Motor.

Tesla Avoids Commercial Pickup Truck

The CEO Musk made it official that electric pickup car is coming, definitely not ahead of Model X, but it could be ahead of Model E whose debut timeline is yet to be talked about. The electric pickup truck that Tesla is promising will not be a commercial vehicle. The company says that opportunities in the commercial pickup truck market aren’t good enough for its models. As such, Tesla is seeking to penetrate passenger pickup market and here it expects to take on the industry giant Ford. So far Ford has the highest sales of pickup trucks in the U.S. for its F-Series. Other traditional auto makers are also making inroads into pickup truck market as the segment has proven to be very lucrative in recent times.

Details about Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA)’s pickup truck are still scant, but as expected, the company would be touting its vehicle’s efficiency and perhaps safety when it finally introduces the truck. Tesla cars run on electric energy from a big lithium ion battery. The cars require very minimal maintenance compared to traditional cars and driver do not have to make tops to refuel. Moreover, the company states that its cars are the safest machines on the roads so far, this is despite a series of three fires burning up the vehicle on the road.

Just last week, the company’s third Model S caught fire after going over a metal object. Another car suffered the same fate last month and another one flamed after hitting a wall and a tree. Following the three fires which came all in less than six weeks, the question of safety of electric cars had started eating into the automaker’s reputation. However, the company stated that considering the number of Model S on the market today and the number of fires reported, it was obvious that electric cars are by far safer than cars powered by gasoline. Musk therefore declared that his company was not intending to recall Model S as had been earlier rumored.

Battery Constrain

The sale of Model S has come as a big success for the electric carmaker. The demand has been increasing beyond what the company can deliver. The company’s inability to meet the growing demand for Model S in Europe and China is due to shortage in battery used to power the cars. During a conference call at the release of its most recent quarterly earnings, the company said that its constrain was battery of which it promised to do something as soon as possible to address the shortage. Currently Panasonic is its primary lithium ion cell supplier and it has nor been able to keep up with the growing demand for the cells. As such the Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) is looking at the alternative of signing up with other cell providers or setting up its own cell factory.

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