Tomahawk, WI 11/15/2013 (BasicsMedia) – The pessimist market can demise Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) at a cost. The success of this all-electric carmaker is no longer just a word of mouth or imagination. Things are happening and they are happening very fast. The company’s flagship car Model S, an all-electric sedan, is now taking the U.K. auto market by storm, and drivers are searching for it. This explains why the company talks of a backlog of orders from Europe, and maybe U.K. could be on the lead.

TSLA recently opened its first ever showroom in London which is a state-of-the-art facility featuring interactive design. Point to note; TSLA sells its cars directly to customers. In the U.S. the automaker hold special dealership license which allows it to operate own-dealership stores. This means that the company’s profit margin is materially up there. Then of course, it also has the opportunity to offer first-hand information about its cars to customers, a far cry from the system of other automakers that use independent dealers who might be clueless in major issues concerning the cars they sell.

In London, TSLA is expected to continue its U.S. sales model – direct sales.  The company is planning to open more stores in the U.K. plus installation of supercharger stations. Clearly, the company is taking U.K. auto market very seriously. Operating many stores in the market will be to its advantage as it seeks to penetrate the country. What’s more, a lot of other drivers who have only read about TSLA’s cars are also seeking to get close to decipher more about Model S.

U.K. offers grant on Model S

The company announced that its supercharger stations in the U.K. will serve its customers for a life time and free of cost. This comes at a time when TSLA stated that Model S will sell for £49,900 in the market. This is a very competitive cost for the car which does not require refueling and all that big maintenance. The government has chipped in with £5,000 grant to drive down the cost of the cars in the market so as to increase their uptake. This is necessary because TSLA’s cars run on clean energy, so it’s a perfect effort to cut on the offensive greenhouse emission.

Now TSLA is planning its first supercharger in the U.K. to come in the next quarter. This will be followed by a complete coverage of the country by end of 2014. At £49,900 for a car that is friendly to the environment and requires no hefty maintenance, Model S is set to spoil the game for the traditional automakers, but what the traditional carmakers lose is what TSLA gains, so it’s better that way. Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) deliveries to U.K. will feature two batteries option; a driver can get the 85 KWh or 60 kWh, however, each will offer 310 miles range. The automaker has also announced delivery of right hand drive car to the U.K. market from next year around March.

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) is keen on expanding its sales boundaries, the broader Europe market is its focus, and China is also a huge target. Already, it is processing orders to the Asia-Pacific largest economy.

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