Tomahawk, WI 03/12/2014 (Basicsmedia) – The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) is yet to begin another year-full of surprises and publicity as the Chicago based aircraft maker announced that 40 of its Dreamliners under production have hairline-cracks on the wings. The company’s spokesperson says all it will take is a trim of the affected area after which Boeing production staff will put a “fabricated piece in its place”. To make it sound a little less scary for the Pteromerhanophobics, the wings have all but hairline cracks that resulted from a process change implemented at the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries which supplies wings to Boeing Company (NYSE:BA)

A Timeline of Dreamliner’s Production Pitfall

The Boeing Dreamliner series has a long history of production pitfalls; first it was two year cull behind scheduled first commercial flight, after that engine issues began to emerge, then came the LiOn battery issues which were barely overcome when news came that its air pressure sensor (overheating detector) is faltering. All in all the Dreamliner has managed to stay in the news for one reason or the other, but unfortunately mostly the bad ones.

The errors have caused several delivery delays for Dreamliner, regulatory bans on flights and revenue churns since the delayed veteran flight in 2012 to date.

Deliveries Maybe Effected but Outlook Will Survive the 2-Week Cull

As a result, of the Mitsubishi wing defects, another delay in the Dreamliner deliveries timeline is highly likely. Boeing Dreamliner (NASDAQ:BA) was expected to deliver 110 of its 787 series this year. Fixing the wing defects may delay final deliveries by two weeks or so. Delivery schedules for 787’s model 9 will also delay as the same wings are used in this model also. However, the overall delivery guidance will not be effected by this small cull, as per the official statement of Boeing Company (NYSE:BA), as released on the BBC, yesterday. As yet, the defects are spotted on about 40 of the Dreamliner series.

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