Tomahawk, WI 05/09/2014 (Basicsmedia) – Nationstar Mortgage Holdings Inc (NYSE:NSM) is one of the premier non-bank residential mortgage organizations based in Lewisville, Texas, that operates a holistic loan origination business, that function in mitigating servicing portfolio run-off and seeks to better the credit performances for myriad loan investors. Its Solutionstar unit offers asset settlement, valuation, processing and management services.

Q1 2014 Versus Q4 2013!

In Q1 this year, Nationstar Mortgage Holdings Inc (NYSE:NSM) has helped more than 23K customers in avoiding issues pertaining to foreclosure. This encompasses appropriate 15.5K loan modifications, extending collateral workouts, and other repayment measures for nearly 7.5K homeowners.

At the end of Q1, NSM reported earning $24 million (valued at $0.27 per share). NSM has evolved and ameliorated since the loss of $51 million incurred during the Q4 in 2013. The losses incurred in pro forma EPS accounted to $0.23 in Q4 (Fourth Quarter in 2013).

NSM currently projects a pro forma EPS amounting to $0.53, and that too excluding the one-time expenses of $39 million! Adjusted EBITDA is also stronger and stands at $170 million ($1.89 per share basis) after Q1, in contrary to $25 million ($0.28 per share) in Q4, corroborating the fact of resounding growth and sales!

The CEO’s Agenda

The CEO of Nationstar Mortgage Holdings Inc (NYSE:NSM), Mr. Jay Bray, seemed excited to share the story on the improved performance of NSM across all business frontiers in 2014! In a dignified vein, Mr. Bray testified that there has been substantial growth in 2013 and hence he is harping on a simple agenda this year – he hopes to reach out to every homeowner with real-time solutions, improve profitability in operations and generate a cash influx for the stakeholders.

Besides, there shall be critical initiatives to sketch long-term sustainable growth! Strategic Acquisition of the Real Estate Digital shall be a prime factor, he opined, that would make NSM capable of offering a holistically integrated digital marketplace for consumers; that facilitates real estate transaction.

Risks – No Risk!

The U.S Risk Council came down heavily upon non bank servicing agencies stating at length that the latter does not  have the same gamut of capital reserves, risk oversight or liquidity as banks do; on accounts of their failure, investors would be exhorted into losses pertaining to mortgage backed securities! However, banks have continued to stick with their plans on selling mortgage servicing portfolios, amidst regulatory scrutiny.

The confident stand of the CEO, Mr. Bray, in reinstating that sales of myriad servicing portfolios shall accelerate later this year has seemed to have infused tintinnabulum into the ears of the investors; as a consequence, we found that the Nationstar Mortgage Holdings Inc (NYSE:NSM) shares went up by 7.5% during the recent trading!

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