Tomahawk, WI 11/15/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) is known in some quarters only as a technology company that builds products and offers services which make information universally accessible and perhaps useful. Others also know this Mountain Views company only as the largest internet search engine in the world. But something huge is missing in the above descriptions. It is important to recall that Google is also a moneymaking machine. It’s that simple, but elaboration is required here.

First and foremost, the Google that many people have not known is one that has year to date increased its stock value by more than 40%. By the way the stock is trading $1,034. In a span of five years, the company’s stock has risen well beyond 200%. That is still Google, remember. Then to cap it all, the company has raised its share value more than 800% since its IPO. What’s more, there is still enough room for the company’s stock growth and this is where the real juice is for investors looking for growth and dividend stock lies. That the Mountain View-based company has outperformed the market materially should be reason enough to build confidence in investors.

Revenue sources

As if all the above is nothing, the company continues to exploit more revenue avenues. It’s diversifying, growing and charming the tech product and service market. This company makes the majority of its money through Google Search which generates revenue from pay-per-click ads. The company owns about 65% of the market share in this segment. Buoyed by this massive income, the company can afford to properly finance its R&D to ensure that it always remains ahead of the game. Moreover, its heavy finance arm allows it to role out products and service at such frequency that competitors cannot match.

The fat revenue from Google Search is supplemented by equally successful items such as Google Maps which is now popular among smartphone users, Google Chrome which is now billed as the most popular web browser, YouTube which is the world’s No. 1 video sharing platform and Andriod Operating System which is increasing becoming popular among smartphone makers as the operating system of choice. The company’s product and service portfolio is wide, charming and powerful.

The power of Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) can also be see in its pipeline. The company is developing a lot of revolutionary products and services. Its social networking platform is quickly gaining currency and its monetization is still in infant stage, meaning that a huge stream of revenue can be expected from Google+. The company also offers high-speed internet and television through Google Fiber which is fast growing in the U.S. As if that is not enough, the world is eagerly waiting for the much storied Google Glass, a wearable computing which is expected sometime next year. This innovative wearable computer has no competitor, and the fact that it’s coming from the factories of a tech powerhouse should create some excitement to investors – old or potential.

The list about the products that the largest search engine company already has or plans to offer is just amazing. Looking at the past and the future, Google is a moneymaking machine; a position on the stock is perfect investment.

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